October 23, 2020

CR2032 Vs. DL2032: Which Button Cell Offers The Best Values

CR2032 vs. DL2032, which one should you use for your devices? In the case you don’t know much about the cells, this article is what you need. 

Once it comes to powering compact portable electronics like watches, peacemakers, calculators,… button cells tend to be the ideal choices. Designed to have low-discharge rates and long lifespans, such cells prove particularly useful in a wide range of applications. But while button cells have seen active uses around the world for years, people still have certain confusions about them. One of the perplexing issues surrounding the use of button cells is “CR2032 vs. DL2032“.  

So your devices technically require CR2032 batteries but you still wonder if it’s possible to use DL2032 instead? If you have questions regarding the utilization of  CR2032 and DL2032, you would find all the answers you need down below. 

Simply Put: Feel Free To Use CR2032 and DL2032 Interchangeably

Overall, CR2032 batteries could be used to replace DL2032 and vice versa without much difficulty. The reason is simple: a DL2032 battery is essentially a CR2032 battery made by Duracell (DL is the designation of batteries that come from Duracell). Because of that, the only thing that distinguishes CR2032 from DL2032 is just the name. If your devices run smoothly using CR2032 batteries, it should be able to accept DL2032.   

Specifications Of CR2032 Button Cells

  • Type: Li-MnO2
  • Diameter: 20 Millimeters 
  • Thickness: 3.2 Millimeters 
  • Voltage: 3V 
  • Ampere: 220 – 240 mAh (depending on the manufacturers) 

Shopping For CR2032 Batteries: Recommendations

After knowing the truth around “CR2032 vs. DL2032“, you would be able to use the lithium batteries without having to worry too much about compatibility. Nonetheless, to avoid wasting your money on sub-par batteries, it’s strongly recommended that you prioritize the following products 


  • Duracell “Duralock” DL2032 

Built to last, DL2032 of Duracell is considered to be one of the best CR2032 batteries available on the market. In most of the cases, DL2032 batteries could continuously power light-duty devices for years.  Boasting excellent manufacturing standards, batteries of Duracell never leak in use so multiple critical medical devices use them extensively. All in all, it’s safe to say that the prominence of Duralock these kinds of days is what causes various people to have reservations once it comes to the usage of DL2032 and CR2032.  

Compared to CR2032 batteries of other brands, DL2032 batteries feature relatively low discharge rates so they have superb shelf-lives. In addition to that, as they don’t lose significant charges over time, you only need to charge the Duracell batteries once in a while. That is undeniably a major plus if you have so many things going on in your mind at the moment. A relaxed recharge timetable should allow you to dedicate your attention to more pressing matters instead of getting anxious about the batteries running out suddenly.      

One drawback of Duralock is the packaging: it sometimes keeps the batteries close to each other. So if you just tear through the packaging, the content inside would be exposed to air immediately which likely shortens the lifespan of the batteries. 


  • Panasonic CR2032


Unable to find DL2032 batteries in the local convenience store?  Then CR2032 batteries of Panasonic could be top-notch alternatives. Offering a well-calibrated balance between performance and cost, Panasonic CR2032 is held in high regard by budget-minded shoppers. Since the Panasonic batteries pack the standard voltage, capacity and so on, they often perform admirably in CR2032-rated applications. As a result, it’s a good idea to make CR2032 of Panasonic your second, possibly first, choice of battery.

Taking into account the exceptionally low discharge rates of the CR2032 batteries from Panasonic, they should remain completely usable after spending several years in storage. Hence, feel free to stock up on the batteries Panasonic. In use, the secured design of Panasonic CR2032 ensures that leakage is less than an issue even if you unwittingly leave the batteries inside your devices for extended periods of time without actually using them. All things considered, the CR2032 batteries of Panasonic definitely deliver outstanding values for the price. 

As for the packaging, Panasonic packs its CR2032 batteries separately which lets you casually take out the ones you need and keep the rest safely in packaging for future uses. 


  • Maxell CR2032 Battery


By incorporating strict quality control, Maxell guarantees that only the best batteries could leave its factory and reach the customers. Over the years, Maxell received few complaints about the build quality of its CR2032 batteries. Because of that, in terms of consistency, CR2032 batteries from Maxell seem to be unmatched. 

Since the CR2032 batteries of Maxell boast marvelous power capacities, they would be able to last for a long time. Moreover, Maxell CR2032 holds charges reasonably well so they work flawlessly years after being manufactured. Needless to say, CR2032 of Maxell is usually well-received by many people that desire straightforward, long-lasting button cells. 

As for the cost, Maxell CR2032 is available at a competitive price so you should be able to purchase plenty of batteries without much difficulty. Thanks to the use of separate packaging, it’s a breeze to take out the required batteries in a pack while leaving others essentially untouched. 


Rule Of Thumb: Stay Away From Dirt-Cheap Batteries

Once it comes to CR2032 vs. DL2032, people have a variety of things to talk about but price is undoubtedly a hot topic among novices. Nowadays, mass production indeed decreases the price of numerous items including button cells but it’s widely advised that you avoid getting the cheapest batteries. In most cases, CR2032 batteries that come at less than one dollar per cell tend to be of substandard quality. You could compromise the delicate integrity of your devices and possibly your own well-being if you use such batteries.  This post belong to PaleoDietFoodlist

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