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Is Honey Allowed on the Paleo Diet?


I am not sure how the Paleolithics felt about it, but these days no meal is considered complete unless wrapped up with a dessert of some sort. True that the Paleo philosophy advocates only natural foods and stays away from all things refined and processed, but even nature has its variant sweeteners to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings that many ... Read More »

Paleo Sweets – Paleo Dessert Recipes


You are on the Paleo diet but still struggling how to reward yourself or your family members with something tasty and sweet? Solution has finally arrived! Paleo Sweets is here! Using 100% paleo recipes from this book you will create the most flavorsome and healthy sweets through using the natural flavors of mothers natures foods. For whom is Paleo Sweets Cook Book intended? … from people looking for healthy kids recipes, ... Read More »