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Paleo nutrition: Go for the lifestyle, not the diet


If you’ve spent several years of your life bouncing around yo-yo diets and now you are feeling even more unhealthier and unsatisfied with yourself, than at the very beginning, it’s time to change your lifestyle, and dish the diet. The word diet, actually, doesn’t mean a quick loose-all-that-weight-method, but a complete “list” containing all of your food choices. In other ... Read More »

Is Matthew McConaughey Paleo?


One of the biggest stars in Tinsel Town is paleo! Now that might have been breaking news a couple of years ago but these days a lot of star power is given to paleo dieting. More and more noticeables are heading the paleo way and have chosen to stay healthy and fit by practicing the principles of the paleo lifestyle. ... Read More »

Starting the Paleo Diet

BBQ ribs in a buffet line

Dieting is serious business and should be treated as such. Those people who make the effort to educate themselves before embarking on a new diet come out with sweet success while others who jump headlong into dieting just because they need instant weight loss results…well, you know how that one ends- right? Most of us choose one diet or the ... Read More »