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Considering the fact that the Paleo diet has proven to be so health and useful, it has therefore created quite a craze among the health conscious people of today.  A lot of people these days are therefore in search of the right Paleo diet cookbook and The Paleo Recipe Book is one of them.

Most people are often under the misconception that they might have to entirely avoid a majority of foods while going on this diet; however that is not the case. Rather than helping people lose weight, the Paleo diet in fact helps them manage weight and acts as a healthy diet. Thus rather than controlling how much they are eating, people usually focus on controlling what they eat, when on the Paleo diet.

Before we move on with this Paleo Recipe Book Review, here is an overview of what the Paleo diet actually is. While there are no ‘special’ foods that are included in the Paleo diet, however the diet itself is unique indeed because it recommends dieters to include foods that were once consumed by our ancestors into their diets. The Paleo diet claims that not only will people become healthy but will also gain an exceptional physique since the foods recommended are rich in nutrients.

Sebastien Noel, who is a devoted fitness and health professional, is the creator of The Paleo Recipe Book. The creation of this Paleo diet cookbook was a result of the different health issues that Noel suffered from and this recipe book was created after he did

substantial research on his diet. The years that Noel spent researching lead him to the very basics, the diet that prehistoric humans once consumed and decided to write a book with modern recipes based on prehistoric diet that the people of today could use.

More than 370 nutrition rich Paleo recipes are comprised in The Paleo Recipe Book and people should face no trouble preparing them. People can begin this diet plan right away since they can conveniently download it as an eBook. As an additional bonus, a meal plan that will last 8 weeks is also provided with the eBook. Another bonus coming along with it is the Herb and Spice Guide through
This paleo cookbook provides you with a range of dishes for every occasion – from light no-fuss meals through to dinner parties, family celebrations and summer salads.which dieters will be able to learn how unparalleled flavors can be created using everyday herbs and spices.

Along with containing over 370 paleo recipes, each recipe also has photos with it as well, making each step easy to follow. Cook guides, reference sheets and charts can also be found in the eBook, along with a lot more features as well.

As a recipe book full of healthy recipes, The Paleo Recipe Book is definitely worth having. Those who have downloaded the eBook and cooked meals following the recipes mentioned in it have been immensely impressed and satisfied. This unique thing about this particular Paleo diet cookbook is that its recipes are not only healthy but delicious too.

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