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How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat


The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show. The internal sugar industry documents, recently discovered by a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, and published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggest that five decades of research into the ... Read More »

Sugar is killing us and that’s why this should be placed in every school!


The addictive properties of sugar are well-documented, as are the risks of consuming too much. And yet, we can’t seem to stop ourselves. Sugar is often added to products surreptitiously, without our consent. It is also marketed – quite heavily – towards children. We must put a stop to this! Our children are our future, and if they are obese, cognitively impaired, and sick – how much ... Read More »

Why it’s harder for Women to lose weight?


Fact is Women are hardwired to have much more difficult time to lose weight and keep it off than Men. You can just thank evolution for that one. Now, this video shows you exactly what’s happening in a Woman’s body that’s making it harder to lose weight. And more importantly, you’ll see a breakthrough, science proven tip to boost the female metabolism that makes fat burning ... Read More »

7 Things That Paleo And Vegan Dieters Can Actually Agree On


Experts say there is no “right” diet for everyone and what works for one person may not work for the next. For this reasonthe argument about which diet is best is pretty much pointless. The only right answer, is that it depends on the individual. There are all sorts of things that need to be taken into account; age, activity levels, food ... Read More »

How to Handle Negative Reactions about Paleo?

paleo diet debate

Not everyone is equally enthusiastic about dieting; in fact many of the contemporary diets are often relegated as yoyo diets or fad diets that come and go with the seasons. While this can hold true for a lot of modern diets, sometimes even the most balanced way of eating is openly scorned upon, especially if the word “diet” is attached ... Read More »

The Paleo Chef’s Tools


Setting out to cook a meal can often feel like going to your first day of school or first day at a new job; it is crucial to come prepared and properly outfitted.  For any lifestyle, whether on the Paleo Diet or not on any diet at all, a well-stocked kitchen can make the world of difference in eating well ... Read More »

Paleo nutrition: Go for the lifestyle, not the diet


If you’ve spent several years of your life bouncing around yo-yo diets and now you are feeling even more unhealthier and unsatisfied with yourself, than at the very beginning, it’s time to change your lifestyle, and dish the diet. The word diet, actually, doesn’t mean a quick loose-all-that-weight-method, but a complete “list” containing all of your food choices. In other ... Read More »

How to stay paleo friendly when eating out in a restaurant


Eating in restaurants while on the paleo diet can be tricky business, especially if you’re not sure what actual ingredients the meal you are trying to order is made of. In a nutshell, foods that are allowed on the paleo diet are meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables except legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds and plant based oils. From beverages, limit the ... Read More »

Vegetarian paleo diet? Yes, vegetarians can go paleo!


Choosing a paleo lifestyle when you have opted for a vegetarian diet might seem like tricky business, especially since the paleo diet has meat and seafood as its basic ingredients. Also, given the fact that soy is not allowed on this diet that follows the food choices of our caveman ancestors, you may think that you’re rolling yourself into a ... Read More »

How to avoid sugar cravings on paleo diet


Given the fact that the paleo diet brings you closer to the lifestyle of your long gone ancestors, which didn’t have a large palette of highly processed sweets, the changes in your diet might seem hard in the beginning. But by all means, you must remember at any time that the sugar that you bring in your body affects the ... Read More »

Is Matthew McConaughey Paleo?


One of the biggest stars in Tinsel Town is paleo! Now that might have been breaking news a couple of years ago but these days a lot of star power is given to paleo dieting. More and more noticeables are heading the paleo way and have chosen to stay healthy and fit by practicing the principles of the paleo lifestyle. ... Read More »

Paleo Fast Food Sample Menus


The following paleo fast food sample menus may portray some healthy fast food ideas that can be used. The ingredients in the sample menus can be altered according to an individual’s taste buds. Creativity is the key to develop new fast food ideas based on Paleo. However, one should keep in mind that all the ingredients and the method of ... Read More »

A perfect way to start a paleo day

Forest Sunburst

Paleolithic lifestyle and eating is now recognized as one of the best ways to healthy living. Proponents of Paleo living state that the following these lifestyle guidelines and dietary patterns will certainly lead to quality living, healthy aging and longevity. The two principle factors for a perfect way to start a Paleo day are early rising and breakfast. Early rising ... Read More »

A perfect Paleo day


The concept of Paleo diet was introduced to modern humans by the work of anthropologists and nutritional / health researchers. This ground breaking concept of healthy eating and lifestyle touched the fundamental concept of living. It emphasized that the key principle of Paleo nutrition, that the nutritional needs of all living things including humans are determined by our genetic make-up. ... Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Paleo diet


This is a simple start-up guide to embark on a Paleo journey gradually and successfully. These simple strategies will help you enjoy, yet stay focused on achieving your health goal through Paleolithic nutrition. Remember, Paleolithic lifestyle, is permanent and lifelong way of living and it is not just a fad diet that is followed only for a stipulated period of ... Read More »

How Learning about a Paleo Diet Changed My Life

Conceptual sign of sucess in business and life

Everyone who is on a health and fitness journey has their Aha moment at some point or another. I can’t say that I had a moment…more like a series of moments that culminated with a smack upside the head. In 2007, I had been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, and it had definitely taken its toll on me. Not only ... Read More »

Why people fail on a paleo diet?


Paleo diet also called as the “cave man diet” is touted to be best for present day health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure etc. and hence has become the trend for many people who are intrigued by its health benefits. However some individuals fail in their attempt to adopt a paleo diet and give up because either ... Read More »

Is Paleo Diet Expensive?


The essence of paleo diet is to simply eat like how our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. This indicates to steer clear of processed foods, refined foods, junk foods, sugary drinks, sodas etc. In reality, all the above mentioned food items occupy a huge percentage of the grocery expenses. While following a paleo diet an individual automatically saves money by avoiding expenditure ... Read More »

Novak Djokovic Diet


Novak Djokovic, who came forth with a bang, has been following a special diet. The tennis sensation that everyone has been talking about, has made an about turn in terms of performance and strength. The superstar who was diagnosed with celiac disease switched over to a gluten free diet the effects of which are now gradually unraveling. With his new found winning streak, ... Read More »

Ryan Kwanten Diet

60th Berlin Film Festival - Ryan Kwanten - Portrait Session

Screaming fans of Ryan Kwanten have every reason to do so; the actor looks equally drop dead gorgeous with his shirt on as he does shirtless. In fact, going shirtless has become somewhat of a trademark for his “True Blood” character – Jason Stackhouse. Off the set, Ryan is the guy who works to stay fit without hitting the gym ... Read More »

Paleo Halloween Snack Ideas


All of us will agree that Halloween and candy are inseparable which can turn into a nightmare for many parents following a paleo diet lifestyle. Not because either paleo or Halloween is scary but because of the mountain high dose of sugar and fructose laden corn syrup found in Halloween treats. Add to that grainy additives, vegetable oils and dairy ... Read More »

Painkillers in your Kitchen


For those of us who don’t like to go to the doctor’s for every small ailment, there is some hope – for many of today’s minor aches and pains, all you have to do is look into your kitchen closet and you are likely to find something in there that will remedy your condition. For a quick look at some ... Read More »

Harrogate Autumn Flower Show


The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, one of Britain’s most prestigious gardening events, took place two weeks ago (September 14 to 16). The show offered thousands of gardeners, horticulturists and landscapers a chance to celebrate this year’s successes and look forward to the new growing season. The Autumn Show The Autumn Show can trace its roots back to 1976, when the National ... Read More »

Five reasons why you should consider paleolithic diet


Recent years have seen increasing interest and attention towards evolutionary medicine. Research studies substantiate that following a paleolithic lifestyle and food choices prevent many of the present day degenerative diseases. Growing body of evidence shows that modern industrial diet leads to metabolic disorders and degenerative diseases which were non existent during pre-agricultural era. Archeological studies on fossil remains showed that ... Read More »

How should a Paleo restaurant look like?


Paleolithic dieting has become the modern trend to healthy eating and living. The demand for foods that are truly paleo such as grass fed meat, organic produce, whole-grain free foods etc is on the rise and so is the demand for a paleo restaurant. The perfect ingredients for setting up a successful paleo restaurant includes the following – principle / ... Read More »

Starting the Paleo Diet

BBQ ribs in a buffet line

Dieting is serious business and should be treated as such. Those people who make the effort to educate themselves before embarking on a new diet come out with sweet success while others who jump headlong into dieting just because they need instant weight loss results…well, you know how that one ends- right? Most of us choose one diet or the ... Read More »

The Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle


The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is not a new thing it has just been forgotten by the modern civilization. The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is opposite to agricultural society that we live today. All the western diets are based on processed foods that are not very healthy for our body, and this is why we have so many food based illnesses. The Hunter-gatherer lifestyle ... Read More »

The Weston A. Price Foundation


The Weston A. Price Foundation was founded in 1999 to publish the research stuffs of Dr. Weston Price. It is a nonprofit tax-exempt charity. Dr. Weston A. Price was a Cleveland dentist who is introduced as ‘Isaac Newton of Nutrition’. Dr. A. Price traveled all over the world to study isolated human groups. He studied on the inhabitants of Switzerland, ... Read More »

Ryan Kwanten Paleo Workout


No matter if you are female or male, and you have watched at least one episode of the popular True Blood series, you have most probably notices handsome male character named Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). His naked torso and abs leaves you breathless, especially ladies! 🙂 I’m sure that girls don’t change the program or turn off  TVs when Ryan ... Read More »

Spartan Race Summer!

Spartan Beast Race in VT 2011

Summer is here and Spartan Race continues to tear it up across North America! We have some upcoming Spartan Races that I’d like you all to be aware of. Get ready for the Mid Atlantic race on June 18th, a race in Toronto on June 19th, followed by our SPARTAN DEATH RACE on June 25th! Register for the next Spartan ... Read More »

Novak Djokovic’s Gluten-free Diet Paleo?


Before the current season, Djokovic switched to a gluten-free diet and suddenly most forms of processed carbohydrates became off-limits to him. Just as suddenly, he grew into an unstoppable force on the tennis court. In January he defeated world No. 1 Rafael Nadal to win the Australian Open. On Sunday, he beat Rafael Nadal in the Rome Masters, his fourth-straight win ... Read More »

10 Tips When Eating Paleo


Paleo diet tips: Enjoy eating paleo. Enjoy what you eat. If you are unhappy with what you are eating you are unlikely to continue to keep eating that way, and once the nutrition is gone, staying fit and healthy becomes much harder. Pre-cook food. Spend a few hours at the beginning of the week and cook big batches of food. ... Read More »

Paleo Valentine Idea


Love is Lobster – Paleo Valentine Light the candles, melt the butter and crack into two genuine cold-water lobster tails direct from the North Atlantic. FREE overnight delivery, anywhere in USA $14.95 off Sweetheart Cove for Two Gift Package from Lobster Anywhere, valid until 2/18, code LOB14 🙂 Select a dinner with our 6-7 oz cold-water tails or supersize with ... Read More »

Spartan Race – A Primal Challenge


Today we present the most challenging race and obstacle course around: Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life! Find out more about Spartan Race! UPDATE 2/19/11: Spartan Race organizers are offering a 10% promotion, which gives ... Read More »

Happy New Year 2011!

Start of the year is the right time to make a new decision which you will follow throughout the year. If your New Year’s resolutions is to begin with a healthy diet we recommend The Paleo Cookbooks. Also, if you are seriously interested in paleo diet check out our section – Paleo Products, which is regularly updated with new content. We wish you all the best! We wish you all the best! Read More »

Lifestyle Design and Paleo


In short, you have probably eaten a Paleo meal in some point or time in your life. For example, have you ever had an Egg Omelet for breakfast? Then you had a Paleo breakfast. Have you ever had a salad with chicken on it and no high fructose corn syrup infested salad dressing (which about every salad dressing is), then ... Read More »

Lifestyle Choices


A balanced diet, exercise, and stress management are positive lifestyle choices for a healthy digestive system. Tobacco, alcohol, and medications on the other hand, can cause havoc with our digestion by causing acid reflux, GERD, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Smoking can substantially increase our risk for acid reflux in three ways: it inhibits the production of saliva, triggers the production ... Read More »