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How to Handle Negative Reactions about Paleo?

How to Handle Negative Reactions about Paleo?

Not everyone is equally enthusiastic about dieting; in fact many of the contemporary diets are often relegated as yoyo diets or fad diets that come and go with the seasons. While this can hold true for a lot of modern diets, sometimes even the most balanced way of eating is openly scorned upon, especially if the word “diet” is attached to it.

The paleo way of eating has also met its fair share of opposition where the word “paleo” will raise eyebrows, draw remarks and even severe criticism for being too restricting, unrealistic and perhaps even downright dangerous. Some of the reaction may come from individuals who have a natural aversion to dieting, may never have been successful at it or simply been misinformed about the truth behind paleo principles. In any case the number of people who are likely to dismiss paleo as another passing fancy is probably more than those who will appreciate its philosophy and acknowledge the real benefits of the paleo way of living.

This negative response can make it very hard as well as disheartening for people who have chosen to follow paleo as a way of staying healthy and fit. To begin with, the concept of dieting is hard enough to embark upon and stay true to; add to it the negative reaction of those around and it can become a real bummer. Perhaps the real problem lies in using the word “dieting” or “diet”.

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Typically diets are associated with a crash course to lose excess weight quickly which is never considered a healthy option for optimal health. Weight loss should be gradual yet steady over a period of time and be easy to maintain once the “dieting” phase is over. Successful dieting methods do not limit themselves to a restriction of daily calorie intake but also incorporate exercise and other lifestyle changes into its premises. As such these dieting trends become more of a lifestyle rather than a mere focus on weight loss and dropping a few dress sizes; the results are long term with added health benefits included into the dieter’s life.

Paleo falls under the category of such lifestyle changes that can truly transform the quality of life for individuals. But whenever a paleo follower suggests that they are following a diet, the trouble begins. People who are already familiar with paleo principles are fully aware of its benefits and do not need to justify their actions. Instead, an easier way to handle the negative backlash may be to drop the words “paleo” or “diet” altogether. When people complement you on how great you look, simply tell them that you have adopted a healthier approach to eating by eliminating some of the foods that easily lead to weight gain and can cause gastrointestinal complications. Say that eating a cleaner plate of foods has helped resolved excess caloric issues and put you on the path of successfully managing your weight.

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For the more insistent, describe your paleo eating preferences as removing refined starches from the diet since they are nothing more than empty calories and replacing them with better sources of healthier carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. Even the most stringent of opposers will fail to argue with the fact that a bowl of salad or a plate of stir fried veggies is more beneficial than let’s say… a slice of pizza or a piece of pie!

Better still, why not invite them over and cook a fabulous paleo inspired meal for them (without letting them in on the secret, of course) and then sit back and enjoy the heap of compliments you receive on your culinary skills. Surely some, if not all will be impressed by the quality and variety of foods that can be conveniently incorporated into paleo meals; the taste of foods cooked in paleo approved oils will be a far cry from anything that they have tasted in a long time and the feeling of satiety after a paleo meal is sure to leave its mark.

Remember that you have decided to go paleo for your own well being and not to impress anyone. As such there is no need to justify your eating methods to pesky people and their criticism should not bother you to such an extent that you should feel obligated to explain your actions to them.

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