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Is Ghee Paleo?

Is Ghee Paleo?

Ghee is butter which has been treated to remove milk fat solids, sugar, and water, and is traditionally used in Indian cuisine (though it is slowly becoming more well-known in American kitchens). More commonly known as clarified butter, ghee is popular in the Paleo Diet community as it is a delicious way to add fat and flavor to your diet without the usual lactose and casein found in regular butter.

Chefs sometimes prefer cooking with ghee because it has a lower smoke point than regular butter, but retains the flavor of butter.  Ghee also has a longer shelf life than ordinary butter because of the decreased amount of moisture and milk proteins.  Use in place of most fats for its healthy benefits and nutty taste.

Like other Paleo-popular fats, ghee contains saturated fats which have been proven to have many positive effects on your body’s well-being.  Many of the questionable ingredients found in butter have been removed in the cooking process to make ghee, so it is approved for the Paleo Diet.

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The health benefits of organic ghee

Saturated fats are known to aid in digestion a great deal by protecting the stomach walls from sometimes-harmful digestive acids.  Alternatively, ghee helps the body produce digestive acids which help the fat move quickly through the body, as opposed to butter which digests rather slowly.

Ghee also contains antioxidants, helping the body fight off cancer and other free radicals. Most notably, ghee is very helpful in the absorption of key nutrients (vitamins K, A, E, and D, for example) into the bloodstream.

Other health benefits range from improving memory and promoting intelligence to enhancing muscle flexibility.

Cooking with Ghee

While ghee is quite simple to prepare at home, store-bought ghee can be seen as preferable to homemade because ghee manufacturers have tools that some people do not have in their home kitchen. One benefit to making your own ghee, however, is that you can alter the flavor in any way you please.  If you want to add flavor to your Paleo Diet dishes, you can easily infuse flavor into  the butter while it is cooking with herbs and spices. This can be achieved to some degree with store-bought ghee by reheating and adding whichever flavors you are partial to, then straining – though it may not be as strong of a flavor as cooking the butter the entire time with the spices added.

Cooking with ghee is nearly fool-proof due to it’s low smoke point.  You are far less likely to burn ghee when frying and sautéing than if you were cooking with butter. Ghee is perfect for searing meats and adding to soups and sauces to achieve a creamy and flavorful dish.  Virtually any place a recipe calls for butter or oil, use ghee as the replacement (though often less is required) for a delicious and healthy replacement.

Purity Farm Organic Ghee

It is important in using ghee to be certain of the diet and humane treatment of the cows from which the milk came.  It is best to use 100% organic, pasture-raised, grass fed cow’s milk, when shopping for ghee.  Purity Farm’s Organic Ghee is one of the highest quality clarified butters available.  Though it may appear to be more expensive than regular butters or oils, less of it is required to do the job, and it will last much longer (comparatively).


For a tasty and healthy alternative to butter, ghee is ultimately the best choice.  Purity Farm’s Organic Ghee is perfect for Paleo Dieters, anyone with a lactose intolerance, and anybody that craves the flavor of butter without the unhealthy effects it can have on your body.

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