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Is Buckwheat Paleo?

Is Buckwheat Paleo?

Buckwheat certainly is not historically paleo, but can classify as modern paleo. In fact, it can easily share a platform that also entertains grain alternatives like quinoa, amaranth and wild rice. Botanically, it is not a cereal grain but is cultivated for its grain like seeds. The edible part is a fruit seed which qualifies it to be treated as a suitable substitute for traditional grains.

People who suffer from gluten intolerances often look to buckwheat as an acceptable alternative.  Being a gluten free alternative, buckwheat flour can offer a workable replacement for traditional flour. For advocates who support the use of buckwheat on a paleo diet, the food is not a grain but a seed but for others who do not allow buckwheat on a paleo plan; buckwheat may not essentially be a grain but it has enough similar features with other grains to be considered harmful to the human digestive system.

For the most part, if well tolerated without any digestive concerns, buckwheat can be included into the paleo menu. The food is easy to cook and readily available. Nutritionally, it contains eight essential amino acids along with respectable amounts of manganese magnesium and dietary fiber. Buckwheat is also a prime source of protein and with all eight essential amino acids present becomes a source of complete protein.

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Buckwheat is also not very difficult to sprout but caution needs to be practiced to ensure that it is thoroughly rinsed and drained to make sure that all the outer layers and films are completely removed. Being a versatile food, buckwheat can be added into salads for added crunch or thrown into a smoothie for enriched flavor and texture. It can also be used just as easily as an alternative to rice. Due to its dietary fiber content, a diet including buckwheat can assist in weight loss as fiber helps keep the stomach feeling full with less tendency to overeat.

Buckwheat is available in many varieties and can be purchased as groats, grits or flour.  All varieties are available in dark and light versions with the darker type containing more hull, fiber, nutrients and a stronger flavor.

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