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How To Explain Why You Do Paleo Without Getting Into A Debate?

How To Explain Why You Do Paleo Without Getting Into A Debate?

People will always continue to be skeptical no matter how convincing the results or how impressive the outcome. Paleo dieting is one such area where non paleo folk are always ready to pounce on those who do follow paleo principles. There always seems to be a need to debate the pros and cons- mostly cons- of the situation and how restricting certain foods for better health is so totally the wrong approach to dieting.

For most opponents, the biggest argument rests on the elimination of grains and dairy from the diet: “But how will you supplement your carbs and calcium supplies without grains or milk?” is a favorite that many paleo followers might be familiar with.

Well, for some people, grains and dairy already do cause a number of gastrointestinal issues so if a paleo follower decides to eliminate these irritating foods from their diet regimen, why does it raise so many eyebrows?

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Another point of contention is how much fat paleo followers consume: “That’s a one way ticket to a major heart attack” some might say. Not realizing that fat is needed in the diet for optimal health and that the quality of fat consumed makes a huge difference in the performance of many normal bodily functions.

In a nutshell, the remarks and questions will always be there and you may find yourself always giving explanations or clarifications for what you eat and why. However, it is up to you to put a stop to this entire irrational inquisition and avoid getting into long, tedious debates every time the word paleo is mentioned.

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If people are irked by the use of the word paleo, tell them to find out for themselves what it has to offer and decide for themselves if it will work for them or not. You can always offer insight into your personal success by going paleo and let them see for themselves how well it has worked for you. Going by paleo standards results are long term and very obvious when someone has been adhering to the paleo plan for a steady period of time. Invite them to try it out for themselves and see how well they fare. That way a debate is avoided and if someone is brave enough to venture, the consequent results will speak for themselves.

Another way to go is to just inform people that your new eating schedule helps you manage your weight issues better as well as allows your digestive system to operate smoother.  Anyone who has ever has digestive inconsistencies is sure to pay a good attention to what you say and may even pitch in a favorable word or two. There is no need to give scientific evidence to support your eating habits, just tell people you feel better when you eat like this. Leave the guess work to them to figure out!

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Instead of trying to reason, settle for an acceptable excuse that you are simply following your doctor’s instructions who has been monitoring your health and has recommended making certain dietary changes to your eating habits. You can always add that your doctor must indeed be very accomplished since you yourself have noticed an improvement in your overall health and well being.

And skeptical as anyone may be, no one can truly argue that refined foods are the true bane of our society’s current health woes. While they may appear to argue outwardly, everyone knows and agrees with the importance of cutting out on refined and processed foods from the diet.

And if you have been at it long enough, where everyone around you knows that it is not your diet but your norm, then most likely the accusatory glances and inquisitive looks will diminish as well. People will learn to accept you for who you are what you believe in. Some might even respect you more for your beliefs  whereas others might just even envy you for your success and decide to go the paleo way (secretively, of course) themselves. Once successful at their endeavors, they might even come out and be the biggest paleo advocator you have ever known. Give it time and see how things work out.

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