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How to avoid sugar cravings on paleo diet

Given the fact that the paleo diet brings you closer to the lifestyle of your long gone ancestors, which didn’t have a large palette of highly processed sweets, the changes in your diet might seem hard in the beginning. But by all means, you must remember at any time that the sugar that you bring in your body affects the level of sugar that your body craves. Bottom line: if you don’t eat any sugar, or limit the sugar intake to the bare minimum, your body won’t even need it, and your cravings will literally disappear.


It takes about a week for the body to adapt to the new sugar intakes, so even though at first you might feel sugar depraved, after a week or two your body will be cleansed and you’ll feel more energized than ever.

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First of all, you should try incorporating more healthy fats in your diet. This may sound like a crazy choice to practice while on a diet and trying to get fit, but actually healthy fats will make you feel more satisfied and kill your sugar cravings. In a nutshell, eating fatty foods doesn’t actually make you fat, but eating a lot of sugar does.

When you eat a lot of carbs, your body starts to produce insulin, which tells your body to store fat and keep it as a reserve in case you run low on energy. Then, you start feeling hungry, you start eating and produce even more insulin and the fat from your meal turns into triglycerides which make you even fatter. So, if you’re afraid from the good fats, you’re wrong, because carbs are responsible for those extra pounds on your scale.

The next time you find yourself in the need for something sugary; go for some nuts and seeds or some healthy oils. Eat one handful of almonds or pour some olive oil or coconut oil over your salad. This may not bring instant results, but on the long run you’ll see that the cravings will slowly start to disappear. So, after you’ve changed your diet filled with carbs for a more lighter one, where you have healthy fats options, it’s time to kick in the exercise. Regular physical activity can really help when you’re feeling carb depraved and will definitely reflect well on your diet or weight loss.

Have you ever tried avoiding your food cravings by drinking a glass of water? Next time after you drink that glass of water go for a brisk walk, nothing to hard or fancy, just 10 or 15 minutes around the block. You’ll feel refreshed, energized and you’ll literally forget that you had those cravings in the first place.

Also, you should try to incorporate some exercise to your everyday life on a regular basis. Why take the elevator in a 3 floor building, when you can take the stairs? Why go to the market for a bag of fruit and some veggies, when you can walk? Why take a cab, when you can walk that extra block to the bus station, and it won’t only reflect on your wallet, but your body will be grateful too. Just by doing these simple everyday routines, you can add up to your general wellbeing and feel more confident about yourself.

Finally, when your cravings are so bad you feel like you could literally die for sugar, indulge yourself in some healthy sugary treats. Why not blend some raspberries or blueberries or any kind of berries with some almond milk for a healthy fruit shake?

Make a small fruit salad or slice an avocado and you’ll feel better, or drink some fruit tea and try to satisfy the sweet tooth. Even better, bake some sweet potatoes for lunch with a sprinkle of cinnamon and chilly and enjoy.

There’s no need to beat yourself every time you feel like you will go nuts unless you eat something sweet. The simple trick is to learn how to take those sugary cravings for highly processed and unhealthy foods, and turn them into a healthy lifestyle, by eating good fats and an occasional fruit treat. Remember, you’re on the paleo because it’s a lifestyle, and not just some regular one-week or one-month diet.

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