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Should you be eating like a caveman?

Should you be eating like a caveman?

The findings on the remarkable heath benefits of Paleo diet, have inspired many health conscious individuals to adopt a Paleo way of living and eating. While some individuals view hunter-gatherer way of living and consuming foods with skepticism and ambiguity, emerging research confirms its health benefits. The branch of evolutionary medicine has contributed to the ground breaking revelations of Paleolithic lifestyle and diet. This ancient wisdom left by our ancestors is often referred to as the “primal blue print” by many researchers.

According to Paleo proponents humans thrived and nourished on a diet that was basic and natural in form. The Paleo diet is typically free of processed, refined and packaged foods that is dominant in the present era. Some health researchers and nutritionists believe that consuming foods similar to our hunter-gatherer ancestors such as game meat, plant-based, no grain / dairy may help to solve most of the health challenges we face in the present era.

Researchers have identified definitive and concrete reasons for returning to our ancestral ways of consuming diet and point to many factors supporting the philosophy of Paleo way of living and eating:

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  • Rich nutritional profile: Paleo diet is nutritionally complete with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which literally removes the need for supplements in the diet. Studies reveal that when on a Paleo diet 100% of the recommended dietary allowance is met. The nutritional break-up of carbohydrates, protein and essential fat are well distributed, in harmony with trace elements and minerals. For instance, the complex carbohydrates from fiber rich vegetables promotes healthier bowel movement, creates the perfect pH balance in the body which is required for efficient absorption of nutrients, and improves the insulin sensitivity.
  • Eliminate fatigue: Paleo diet is devoid of sugary, processed, preservative containing, pre-packaged foods and other junk foods. These artificial foods that simply provide empty calories and severely lack in nutrients are replaced by nutrient dense, low calorie foods like lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts which eliminate fatigue. Research indicates that long term consumption of nutrient dense foods eliminate the risk of micronutrient deficiencies which is one of the causative factors for fatigue.
  • Addresses current health issues: Paleo diet naturally addresses the current health challenges such as obesity, hypertension, celiac disease, gluten-intolerance, diabetes, heart problems and other degenerative health problems. Paleo diet is gut friendly, promotes weight-loss and better weight management and reduces the risk of numerous degenerative health conditions including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cancer etc.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Paleo diet is remarkably anti-inflammatory, which clearly reduces the risk of  many inflammation based disorders such as acne and other skin problems, gut disorders, ulcers, conditions of nephritis, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and certain types of cancer etc. Since Paleo diet is based on plenty of plant foods, it increases the net alkaline base in the body which directly reduces the inflammatory conditions. In addition, Paleo completely restricts the intake of refined sugars and other processed foods which trigger inflammation in the body.
  • Primal dietary blue print: Archeological surveys and fossil remains from Paleolithic era clearly indicate that the diseases of the modern civilization were virtually absent during the stone-age period. Scientists attribute the disease-free life to the diet and lifestyle of our ancestors. The stone-age men had leaner bodies, healthier bones and stronger muscle tone than his modern day counterpart. This was simply because the caveman ate what the nature intended humans to thrive and nourish in order for evolution to progress, scientists call it the “primal dietary blue print”. Today, we have leaned away from natural foods and gravitated more towards processed and pre-made foods which are the primary cause for many of our major as well as minor ailments. Abundant number of studies comparing the traditional way of consuming foods versus the modern foods clearly underscored the fact that moving away from ancestral ways of eating have severely impacted our present health status.

The above mentioned factors are just a few among the many health reasons as why we should begin consuming like our caveman ancestors. The branch of Evolutionary medicine has revealed ground breaking details on the dietary and lifestyle habits of our Paleolithic ancestors. It is now in our hands to use the information and ancient wisdom left behind by our ancestors to a build a path towards healthy living that is free of diseases.

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