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Is Rice Paleo?

Is Rice Paleo?

Is rice paleo friendly? Can you eat rice on a strict paleo diet? Rice, like other grains has been a staple food for many generations and is not the easiest of foods to give up. On a paleo diet, however, rice receives pretty much the same consideration as other grains and needs to be shunned permanently. In strict paleo circles, there is no room for rice on the menu but other far less stringent versions do allow occasional consumption of rice.

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Although rice is a gluten free grain, it still contains phytic acid, one of the components that give grains and legumes a bad name. Moreover, rice is generally accepted as a post hunter gatherer food so does not receive the nod from a rigid paleo perspective. From the point of view of those who indulge in sporadic rice consumption, the argument could be presented based on their total life style.

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If an individual is relatively active, that is, efficiently mimics the activity levels of our ancestors then a little rice can be tolerated. Since being “active” in the true sense means that there is intensity, flexibility, endurance and agility involved, the individual is likely to be lean and strong. Put together, these factors can increase the ability to handle a little rice now and then. And if rice is the only outside intervention in the paleo plan, then an infrequent rich dish may do no harm.

However if the individual following a paleo plan is not active enough and wishes to include rice as part of regular meals, then he may as well be off the paleo track completely. Rice will provide additional carbs which will not be utilized for burning fuel but stored as fat instead. In instances where carb stores continue to grow without being used up, the result is slower metabolism and many health issues.

Better to stray from white rice if being sedentary is your lifestyle. White rice is not far from refined sugars in terms of nutritional content and contains fewer nutrients than many other foods. Instead, look for better paleo options like fried cauliflower rice which can be created into a hearty meal by adding other veggies and mushrooms to it.


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