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Is Matthew McConaughey Paleo?

Is Matthew McConaughey Paleo?

One of the biggest stars in Tinsel Town is paleo! Now that might have been breaking news a couple of years ago but these days a lot of star power is given to paleo dieting. More and more noticeables are heading the paleo way and have chosen to stay healthy and fit by practicing the principles of the paleo lifestyle.

Already in the highly esteemed ranks of paleo is the popular Texan, Matthew McConaughey. The actor has always been well known for his great physique and extreme endurance skills. He has played a variety of roles ranging from the smart lawyer, the ever popular heartthrob to the athletic adventurer to the most recent role of male stripper. Perhaps no one was better suited than Matthew to take his shirt off so many times onscreen.

Some of the credit for his amazing fitness levels goes to the actor’s choice to follow a paleo lifestyle. Going paleo does not simply mean that an individual changes the way he eats but also expands to encompass the spectrum of exercise and making other lifestyle changes. Matthew McConaughey follows a paleo diet that helps him keep his body fat levels low and also engages in intermittent fasting which is a practice that burns fat and promotes a lean physique.

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With paleo and its promising results on the forefront, this beneficial way of eating is being adopted by more and more people. For those people who believe that the human body is genetically programmed to process meat, fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, there is no need to feed the body any of the processed dietary options that are available so extensively today.

Instead paleo followers focus on eating only those foods which were accessible to our hunter gatherer ancestors and sustained them well through the ages. With help from their natural diet, these ancestors never had to face diseases or other health dilemmas that afflict the modern man. Staying true to a diet based upon animal food sources, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats all derived from nature, the Paleolithic man fared well despite his primal lifestyle.

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The other practice that Matthew McConaughey entertains is that of intermittent fasting. The process involves long periods of going without food with only short windows in between where individuals can eat. Though this method needs to be monitored by professional advice, people who practice intermittent fasting in a structured manner are generally successful in blasting away the fat and retaining their toned physiques.

Intermittent fasting can complement paleo eating well as paleo meals often furnish a well satiated appetite without the need to return to repetitive bouts of eating. Once filled on a paleo meal, dieters usually fare well until the next mealtime without resorting to unneeded snacking or munching. Paleo dieting also negates the idea of having 6-8 small meals daily to keep your metabolism going.

Along with keeping true to paleo eating Matthew McConaughey also does weight training. But his workout sessions are not limited to lifting weights alone. The actor is also well known for engaging in many other activities like surfing, skateboarding, running and jogging and on a lighter side, yoga. A combination of different kinds of workout routines allows the actor to stay well toned and muscular all the time.


In fact, if anything, this superstar does not bind himself to elite gym memberships to get a perfectly toned body. His interest lies elsewhere where he can indulge in keeping in shape while having lots of fun. For many others, who may not be big time workout enthusiasts, a paleo diet should still be accompanied by a moderate to intense workout regimen based on your weight loss or weight maintenance goals. When good food and regular exercise are grouped together the results are bound to be positive and long term.

If you are a fan of Mr. McConaughey, then why not go ahead and take some inspiration from the guy? Go on a give paleo a try and see how well it works for you. The results will be reflected based on your body type, exercise levels and how true you decide to stay to the diet.

As for the actor, well Matthew McConaughey seems to have it all figured out correctly.

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