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A perfect Paleo day

A perfect Paleo day

The concept of Paleo diet was introduced to modern humans by the work of anthropologists and nutritional / health researchers. This ground breaking concept of healthy eating and lifestyle touched the fundamental concept of living. It emphasized that the key principle of Paleo nutrition, that the nutritional needs of all living things including humans are determined by our genetic make-up.

Research data on the diet followed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors clearly indicated that they enjoyed high quality of health when compared to the present day humans. Due to its immense health benefits Paleo way of living has become the trend in recent years among health conscious individuals as well as among clinicians and health care professionals.

Many people have recognized the importance of eating healthy and acknowledged Paleo way of living and eating as one of the efficient tools in achieving good health. The goal of good health can be reached if paleolithic guidelines are put it into practice, which calls for both dietary changes as well as changes in lifestyle and habits.

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Paleo living Vs Present day living

Comparing and contrasting Paleo living with present day diet and lifestyle gives a vivid picture of the  flaws, ailments and diseases that plaque the modern civilizations.

Keen observation indicates that many of the foods that are available today were not present or absolutely absent in paleolithic era which also accounts for the absence of the degenerative diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer etc and also dental caries and other ailments. In addition to this, our modern lifestyle is a marked contrast from our paleolithic ancestors who traveled and moved a lot by walking, carrying heavy weights and plenty of other physical activity.

Tips for perfect Paleo day

  • Start your day with exercise: This can be a simple walking or jogging before taking breakfast. It is recommended that cross training like our Paleo ancestors did, will help in achieving excellent physical health and endurance. This indicates the need to accommodate both strength training as well as aerobic exercises which in turn assures fitness.
  • Do not skip breakfast: Consuming a breakfast that is nutrient dense and one that packs 50% of the nutritional needs of the day is the ideal way to start a Paleo day.
  • Live simple: Our paleolithic ancestors did not use complex machines and hi-tech gadgets, yet they lived the best possible earth life with health and happiness. Staying simple implies cutting back on using electricity to cars and elevators for moving.
  • Limit exposure to chemicals: Minimizing the exposure to chemical hazards, pesticides and other toxins helps to reduce the risk of many health problems in later years. This calls for usage of less plastic products, and natural alternatives for personal hygiene and other household cleansing.
  • Stress-less: Stress has become the indigenous part of our everyday life. While some amount of stress is important to act as a driving force to complete a task or save one from danger, chronic stress by itself is dangerous to health. Our paleolithic ancestors did have stress in the form of life threatening situations such as wild animals and sometimes weather conditions such as thunderstorm and heavy down pour which initiated them to plan for shelter and better dwelling options.
  • Snack healthy: Fresh fruits, nuts, seeds etc should be carried to workplace or while during long trips in order to satisfy the short-term hunger needs. These Paleo snacks provide energy boost, essential fats, and are packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Remember the guidelines: Most important tip of Paleo living is adhering to the guidelines. Consume more of green leafy vegetables and other rainbow colored vegetables and fruits. Refrain from refined and processed foods at all cost.

In conclusion, Paleo way of living and eating is a lifelong way of living. It is not a diet fad or short term dietary guideline. Paleolithic nutrition and lifestyle is nature’s way of nurturing human life form and curtailing diseases to ensure existence of the human race. It is nourishing, healthful and safe to the physiology of humans which conforms to nature’s norms and ethical way of living. Holding on to the principles of paleolithic guidelines will no doubt lead to the path of good quality health and longevity.

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