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Paleo Diet Drinks: What to Drink on Paleo?

Paleo Diet Drinks: What to Drink on Paleo?

Since this really is a frequently asked question I’ll write about the paleo drinks, paleo beverages and what to drink while on paleo diet in general.

What should I drink on Paleo?

If you are paleo of the strictest kind, then you dare not think outside the box spelled “w-a-t-e-r”, but for most of us that will simply lead to pure and essential boredom. Staying hydrated on the paleo diet is as important as on any other eating plan and we have to look for suitable, satisfying means of doing so.

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While water is by far the best and most natural hydrator, the paleo diet also gives a choice of some other healthy drinks. Here is a look at some of the ones we can choose from and other that we should avoid at all costs:


The prime hydrator, water satisfies us as no other beverage does. Pure water is toxin and chemical free, contains no artificial additives of any sort and is definitely the one our ancestors depended on for maximum hydration. Water is needed for all sorts of proper bodily functions and overall good health; there can be absolutely no doubt that water is the beverage of choice on a paleo diet. And no matter how much you drink there is no cause for concern regarding caloric intake.

To make plain old water more exciting, squeeze in a dash of lemon or lime juice and enjoy.

Herbal Teas

All natural herbal tea options prepared by steeping health infused leaves into water make a great way of staying hydrated while on the paleo diet. These natural infusions offer a variety of tastes and aromas to enjoy and can be found in non caffeine varieties as well. Popular herbal teas include chamomile, green tea, nettle, ginger and peppermint to name a few.

Fruit Juice

Commercially prepared fruit juice often comes with added sugars and other preservatives. Unless it is simply 100% juice with no other ingredients, fruit juice does not make a good beverage on the paleo plan. Instead, it would be much better to eat a fruit instead as the packaged juice counterpart is also devoid of the fiber and other healthful parts of the fruit.

Coffee And Tea

Caffeinated drinks usually stimulate cravings that arise out of imbalances in blood sugar levels. With fluctuating blood sugar, caffeinated beverages come to the rescue as pick me uppers to keep you going through your day. However, these needs and urges are experienced by those who do not have an adequate nutritional intake. Followers of the paleo diet usually get their fill from nutrient dense foods rich in protein, fat and fiber and do not need caffeinated stimulants to perk them up.

At best an occasional black tea or coffee without milk and sugar may be tolerated if the urge for caffeine is hard to suppress.


Milk and dairy products are usually not allowed on a paleo eating plan, but some slightly lenient versions do make allowances for minimal dairy consumption. Here, it is recommended that milk should be unpasteurized and preferably raw.


Almost all paleo versions of the diet are in favor of an occasional drink or so. However, the trick here is moderation and if you feel that you are unlikely inclined to drink in moderation then perhaps abstention may be the best course for you.

And even among alcohol, wine gets the vote as it is derived from fermented grapes as opposed to other drinks that are made from grains instead. Drinking beer and other ales may exhibit similar results as eating grain based foods. Drinks like tequila and mead are considered better options as they do not contain any grains.

Sodas And Other Sweet / Diet Drinks

Packed with refined sugars, artificial dyes, chemicals and flavorings, these otherwise popular drinks are an absolute no-no from the get go. Drinks that include artificial sweeteners contain other synthetic chemicals that can lead to various health concerns. Plus artificial sweeteners only heighten sugar cravings.

The only time that sports drinks may be allowed on the paleo menu is when high endurance athletes are in an intense training session and need electrolytes fast to replenish fluid loss. But if you do not fall in the high endurance category, then there is no excuse to even glance at these unhealthful drinks.

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