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Is Hominy Paleo?

Is Hominy Paleo?

What is hominy and is hominy paleo friendly? Hominy is dried, ground corn which has the germ and hull removed. It is prepared by soaking the corn in an alkali solution after which the corn is processed to crush the kernels and sift them out.

Hominy can be served whole as a cereal or ground where the ground variety is also known as grits. But no matter how you treat corn to get hominy, the fact remains that it is a derivative of corn and as such cannot be classified as paleo.

Corn itself is nothing but a grain and as such does not make it on the list of paleo foods. Although it is a gluten free grain, corn is not tolerated by strict paleo standards whereas some moderate versions of the diet may permit some sporadic use. According to most paleo standards, corn has a similar status as rice on the paleo menu. Both grains are considered devoid of much nutritional value and frowned upon as providing empty calories into the diet.

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Those familiar with the paleo diet are aware that grains do not have a place on the paleo diet plan. In fact, grains and legumes are the first and largest group of contemporary foods to be banished from the ancestral inspired diet. All grains, but most notably those containing gluten, offer questionable health effects. Along with gluten, grains also contain lectins and phytates, two other components that have toxic effects on the human digestive tract.

In the case of hominy, it is used in mostly southern dishes, typically originating in the Mexican cuisine. It is used for making corn based products like tortilla chips, taco shells, tamales and in posole. If you like your Mexican dishes, then you can try an occasional corn tortilla like Robb Wolf does, as he claims that it does not bother him with any digestive concerns. If corn based products sit well with you, then an infrequent indulgence is not a cause for concern. But it is important to remember that corn still remains a grain and should be eliminated entirely or consumed minimally on a paleo diet plan.

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