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Beginner’s Guide to Paleo diet

Beginner’s Guide to Paleo diet

This is a simple start-up guide to embark on a Paleo journey gradually and successfully. These simple strategies will help you enjoy, yet stay focused on achieving your health goal through Paleolithic nutrition. Remember, Paleolithic lifestyle, is permanent and lifelong way of living and it is not just a fad diet that is followed only for a stipulated period of time. Here are the beginner’s tip for Paleo:

Kitchen and pantry make-over

The best place to start Paleo is right at your home. When you decide to adopt a Paleolithic way of eating, it is lot more easier to start right at your kitchen and pantry. This is highly important since it prepares you visually as well as mentally to stay focused on the Paleo foods.

  • Kitchen utensils: A kitchen make-over does not have to be an expensive one, it simply involves keeping in necessary tools and equipment handy for a good start. A Paleo kitchen should essentially have a wooden or a bamboo cutting board, salad spinner, grill, nut choppers, a slow cooker, and a sharp knife. Ensure that the kitchen is free of plastic boards, spoons, containers and non-stick pans etc.
  • Pantry: This is the most interesting and important aspect of the Paleo make-over. Before you start shopping for Paleo foods, the first step is to clear out the pantry of junk foods and foods that had taken a permanent position way past its expiring date. While it may not be possible to give up on some favorites food stuff overnight, it is wiser to keep them from convenient reach in the pantry. This will ensure you choose more of Paleo and less of the junk foods. Some quick snack items that can be included in the pantry could be all sorts of nuts, organic honey, plenty of fruits etc. It should be remembered canned / tinned foods should be limited.

Shopping list

Preparing an exhaustive shopping list saves an unnecessary trip to the grocery store. The list should cover the most frequently consumed or used up foods to less frequently used up food. Before you start shopping, a quick inventory on the pantry items also saves shopping time and money. This is of particular significance because Paleo shopping involves picking plenty of organic produce and foodstuff which are priced slightly higher than the regular produce.

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Lifestyle change

This is the most ignored but highly significant part of a Paleo diet. While on a Paleolithic journey, it is crucial that diet and lifestyle should go in tandem in order to attain a healthy body. A person may have strictly followed a Paleo diet, but still not may see desirable results because of lack of physical activity. Adopting simple physical activities such as walking, swimming etc will add on to the Paleo score and helps you attain your health goal faster. Physical activity was natural part of Paleolithic lifestyle and hence adhering to such healthy habits will reflect as significant health benefit. In addition to this it is also important to cut back on smoking and excessive alcohol intake. While embarking on Paleo journey start with a 80/20 Paleo living. This template puts you on Paleo living 80% of the time and is also flexible enough to it allow the habits such as occasional drinking and smoking.

Menu planning

Having a menu planned ahead for a day or for the rest of the week is certainly a great help. It saves time, money, effort and most of all lets you stay on the Paleo track. This step is very important especially for the beginners who still have trouble differentiating between regular cooking methods and Paleo cooking. Include recipes that allow raw foods, basting, baking, grilling and avoid the ones that employ deep frying and processed foods.

Paleo Diet Basics (VIDEO):

Track your results with a guide

It is a good idea to track your results using a food journal. This will help you review the foods consumed in the end of the day or a week and make necessary rectifications with regards to the food choices made. This can be conveniently done using a Paleo guide that offers you a variety of choices in menu, gives you a quick fix recipes, snacks etc. Choose a right guide that could be your one stop for all your Paleo questions like the one featured below. An ideal Paleo guide allows flexibility, offers variety of choices, and makes adopting Paleo lifestyle easy and convenient.

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