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The Most Dangerous Diets

The Most Dangerous Diets

The fight against fat takes on a whole new set of problems when diets become a danger to your health. Weightloss plans are one of the most marketed industries out there today, but who’s really looking out for you? And at what cost is weightloss worth? Winning the battle of the bulge should spell out more than a lightened load. It should mean anew, improved, and healthier you, but sometimes we trade off our health for a quick fix.

This is a look at the all-time most dangerous diets people have actually subjected themselves to – all in the name of weightloss.

The Tape Worm Diet

First up on the menu, the tape worm diet. You read that right. The tape worm diet. Before you get ready to jot down the infomercial number on this one, you should know that it’s been banned since the early 20th century.. yet.. worth noting. People actually ate a tape worm to help them lose their appetites so they could shed unwanted pounds. Once they reached theirideal weight, they could take something to kill off the worm living inside their intestines. Now that’s dedication!

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The Soup Diet

If that didn’t get your tummy growling, maybe a big ‘ole bowl of cabbage soup will. The soup diet became popular because people thought soup went right through you and didn’t have time to slow down to add to that mid-section. While dieters had some success slurping soups all day, as soon as they caved to solid foods, the weight would come right back. Not much balance in a liquid diet.

Grapefruit Juice Diet

Now you know grapefruits have been a staple in a good diet since you caught your mother trying to choke one down when you were little. The myth behind the tart treat’s success?

Starting in the 1930’s word spread that grapefruit juice was a fat burner. People believed that they didn’t have to change their diets or eating habits as long as they got in a couple of litres of grapefruit juice every day. Imagine, all the butter, fried foods, and bread you wanted. You just had to wash it down with grapefruit juice. Too bad science squashed those dreams with lack of evidence to support that theory.

Baby Food Diet

Celebrities are known for creating trends and fads, but it’s a celebrity fitness trainer that’s responsible for our next dangerous diet. Trainer Tracey Anderson is known for keeping celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Jake Gyllenhaal in shape. She’s also known for trending the baby food diet.

According to Anderson, you’re allowed to eat up to 14 jars of baby food per day before eating a real dinner. Baby food is low in calories, but Anderson’s baby food diet was highly critized because of its lack of nutrients for adults. Experts also said the diet could lead to binge eating.

HCG Diet

Here’s one leading the gross category of the dangerous diets. How about injesting human placenta to lose weight? It’s not exactly as it sounds, but close. In the HCG diet, you would inject, ingest, or rub a cream on your body to absorb the hormones. Now, HCG happens to be made from human placenta. The idea behind this ridiculous reduction is that HCG would open up your fat cells and allow your body to burn your fat.

First of all, science has never proved this method effective. Secondly, the technique has been linked to serious health issues like ovarian hyper-stimulation which could be a life-threatening disorder.

The Biscuit Diet

Who wouldn’t want to wake up knowing you HAVE to eat biscuits all day? But, if it sounds too good to be true, you know you’re in trouble. The biscuit diet may work for a while, but there’s a balance problem again.

The plan goes like this: You eat six biscuits a day and then finish off with a real dinner. But these aren’t your Grandma’s catheads. These are low-calorie and include some form of meat protein. They’re not as appetizing as you might have first thought.

The Prolinn Diet

Biscuits had nothing on the Prolinn Diet. This plan was developed by Roger Linn, a doctor who convinced people that he had the solution to the world’s weight problems. People were desperate to lose weight when choosing The Prolinn Diet. First, no food was permitted.

You think that’s a problem? Add to your zero calorie count a 400 calorie Prolinn drink. What’s in that shake? The ingredients list incuded all the things you don’t want to think about coming out of a slughterhouse like horns, hooves, and tendons.

The diet was linked with heart attacks and other health problems.

Eat What You Want Diet

This next diet sounds pretty spectacular. It’s called the, “Eat all you want” diet. Does that sound about your speed? Doctor Herman Taller made many dieters happy with his book, “Calories Don’t Count.” He convinced people that they could eat what they wanted, when they wanted, and how much they wanted as long as they took a vegetable oil pill with every meal.

The pill was touted and sold as a fat burner. Well, when word got out that the diet was a fraud, Doctor Taller was brought up on charges and convicted of mail fraud and conspircy.

I guess calories really do count, don’t they Doctor Taller?

The Kimkins Diet

The Kimkins Diet was touted by Women’s World magazine as a diet, “better than gastric bypass.” Naturally, women all over America jumped on that band wagon and rode it until people started getting sick. It required dieters to eat no more than eight hunderd calories a day and then take laxatives.

The magazine published testimonials with the article on the Kimkins diet, but those personal stories proved to be fake. Creator, Heidi Diaz, turned out to be a fraud and was persecuted by authorities after several people suffered health problems from following Diaz’ guidelines.

The Tongue Patch Diet

Here’s completely different approach to counting calories. Try a tongue patch! Plastic surgeons surgically implant a tongue patch to make eating painful. We’re not kidding. The idea is to make eating so uncomfortable that dieters stick to a liquid-only diet.

It may work, but questions are still unanswered as to if this new procedure will be a benefit to your health.

The Dessert-For-Breakfast Diet

And finally, here’s a big favorite! This plan pushes science and twists its findings to tingle your tastebuds. A new study shows that people who ate dessert lost more weight than those who didn’t. So why not burn your breakfast with dessert like foods such as donuts, cakes, waffles, and biscuits? Afterall, isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Conclusion: Stick to Paleo!

There are no secret pills, diet plans, or silver bullets when it comes to weight loss. The key is a balance in what you eat, eating in moderation, and exercise. Those three things can and will help you be successful and healthy. And if you ask me – Stick to the Paleo! 🙂

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