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Is Paleo Diet Healthy?

Is Paleo Diet Healthy?

One of the most popular diets trending the modern dieting world is the Paleo Diet. But is it healthy? Although contemporary, the diet has its roots embedded in history; it actually goes all the way back to the time of our Paleolithic ancestors. Proponents of the diet claim that our bodies are designed to function better when we follow the healthy lifestyle and eating habits of our hunter gatherer ancestors.

If we look closely our Paleolithic ancestors had a very tough life. For the most part they were always on the move hunting or gathering food supplies, travelling great distances in the face of unknown dangers and living constantly without a plan for tomorrow. Yet they still managed to do all this without any serious ailments or disease to haunt them. They had neither the comforts of our modern lives nor the advanced medical facilities but still fared better health than we do today.

The simple reason was their active lifestyle and better dietary patterns. And because the Paleo Diet tries to mimic this ancestral lifestyle, it is recommended that we do and eat as our ancestors did. While we do not have to hunt and gather food as they did, we can try to eat healthier by consuming only natural foods and staying away from those that are highly refined or processed.

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Likewise the Paleo Diet also encourages an active lifestyle to keep our muscles engaged, prolong heart health and stay fit overall. Because the diet is an attempt to mimic Paleolithic lifestyle, followers are encouraged to pursue both eating habits and activity levels as endured by our ancestors.

And because it is essentially a diet, the food choices are very important. Paleo dieters rely on natural foods only to provide them with the needed nourishment. They are allowed to eat readily from the protein group comprising meats, fish, seafood, and eggs. For carbohydrate needs, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from and fats are to be derived from natural and healthy sources only. This includes an assortment of nuts and seeds and oils like olive oil, coconut oil and oil from certain nuts.

As a bonus for eating healthy- paleo dieters can eat until they are full! So is paleo diet healthy? YES! 🙂

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