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Ryan Kwanten Diet

Ryan Kwanten Diet

Screaming fans of Ryan Kwanten have every reason to do so; the actor looks equally drop dead gorgeous with his shirt on as he does shirtless. In fact, going shirtless has become somewhat of a trademark for his “True Blood” character – Jason Stackhouse. Off the set, Ryan is the guy who works to stay fit without hitting the gym regularly.

Ryan Kwanten Paleo?

Surprised? No doubt! But the truth of the matter is that Ryan Kwanten takes good care of himself. He calls himself “old school” as his workouts are not governed by endless hours spent with training equipment indoors but exercising outdoors instead. He prefers to run, swim, jump rope and stay fit with body weight workout routines. His preference centers on doing strength training with pushups, sit-ups and pull-ups. But for those well known shirtless scenes on True Blood, Ryan has a special ritual to follow – he goes paleo for a couple of days to sharpen up for the scene.

Now, that’s great news for other paleo enthusiasts out there. With a paleo eating regimen, Ryan manages to limit carb intake by staying away from refined carbohydrates like grain based foods. With a low down on carbs, he piles up on the protein and veggies instead. He also avoids alcohol and opts for the goodness of water or protein shakes instead.

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Sound familiar? Well, it should especially if you yourself are an advocate of the paleo way of eating. Essentially what Ryan Kwanten opts for is what preachers of the paleo diet preach. The caveman diet is based on the diet principles of our ancestors – the Paleolithic people. It is believed that what our ancestral forefathers ate should ideally be our diet mode as well. This is reasoned by the acumen that though our lifestyles may have evolved dramatically, our genetic makeup has remained the same.

So what was suitable for our ancestors to feed on should be the ideal diet for us as well. The paleo way of eating supports consumption of lean meats, plenty of fruits and vegetables that are complemented with the use of healthy and natural fat sources. With these combinations, we can effectively counter the many maladies of modern life such as risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes to name a few. It is also believed that since the paleolithics never encountered any of these illnesses, chances are that by following their lifestyle which was way more active and lithe than our current one, we can also escape these health dilemmas.

The backbone of the paleo or hunter-gatherer diet is to stay away from all foods that have been subjected to harvesting and processing. By refining food and exposing it to artificial additives, the nutritional value is greatly compromised. The biggest group of foods that fall in this category is that of harvested grains and legumes. Along with grains, salt and refined sugar is also struck off the paleo list. Strict versions of the diet do not even allow dairy products as well as processed oils.

Based on these principles the modern Paleolithic diet  recipes contain meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, roots and a variety of nuts. Although these food choices may seem restrictive, they are everything that we need for optimal health without consuming any empty calories.

But now back to where we started from; backed up with paleo eating principles, Ryan Kwanten reinforces his diet with a variety of exercise routines. In fact, he claims never to be too busy to exercise. He finds that his favorite workout training spots are outdoors in nature. His physical workout includes activities like soft sand running, surfing, biking, hiking, shadowboxing and other types of intense cardio. He believes that adding variety to any exercise routine will challenge your muscles better. Add to that a mix of yoga and you have the entire package for the Ryan Kwanten diet.

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While Ryan says that he only has to follow the paleo diet for 2-3 days before a special event, the rest of us would do better by making paleo a full time lifestyle to follow. To reap the many conclusive benefits of going paleo not only pertains to dietary modifications but also involves a regular exercise regimen.

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