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Paleo Food Pyramid

Paleo Food Pyramid

When compared to the traditional food pyramid, the paleo diet’s version of the food pyramid is much simpler and it makes better sense too. Without any of the complexities of complex carbs, gluten infused grains and over processed dairy products, the paleo food pyramid exhibits simpler but healthier food options like strong proteins such as chicken, beef, and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables with healthy sources of good fats from nuts and seeds.

Paleo food pyramid

So why is it that despite its vast differences people still chose to follow the traditional food pyramid when the paleo version gives a better option? Well, we have become so attuned to being fed on refined and processed foods that eliminating these out of our diets seems utterly incomprehensible. But if we stop and think for a moment or better still, take at look at the problem areas of the traditional food pyramid, we might understand better why today’s standard diet is doing us so much harm.

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USDA food pyramid

The very base of the food pyramid lays huge stress on the consumption of grains and dairy, but in today’s modern society grains have become so processed that they are no longer beneficial for optimal health. Along with the processing, grains themselves contain certain toxic nutrients which are detrimental for our health. Even modern science supports the view that gluten based allergies are on the rise at an alarming rate and are fast becoming one of the most chronic diseases of our times.

Paleo Diet Pyramid (VIDEO):

Likewise, dairy has also been subjected to so much processing with the addition of substances like growth hormones. The health benefits of milk have been altered to such an extent that milk which reaches the customer has been devoid of any nutritional content. The problem with both these food groups is that our bodies were never meant to acknowledge and accept foods which have been processed so far from their original state.

Meats and fish

If both these foods are eliminated from the food pyramid, then what we arrive at is the basis of the paleo food pyramid. Laying the greatest emphasis on lean proteins in all its forms including beef, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs and for overzealous paleo followers, a huge variety of exotic meat, the protein group makes up the base of the paleo food pyramid. Using these as the building blocks for a healthy body, the paleo food pyramid lays the foundation of a way of eating that was successfully followed by our Paleolithic ancestors.

Fruits and vegetables

Resting nicely atop the protein group is the fruits and vegetables group. Vegetables are encouraged on the paleo diet as they are packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are also rich sources of antioxidants that boost the body’s immune system. Enjoying fruits on a paleo diet ensures the supply of dietary fiber allowing the digestive system to perform optimally.

Nuts, seeds and berries

Topping the pyramid are nuts and berries which satisfy your snacking urges in addition to providing a good source of healthy fats. Berries are awesome taste gratifiers that add a whole lot of health benefits into the diet with a minimal of calories. And if you think that the paleo food pyramid is restrictive and devoid of flavor, then take a look at the vast range of herbs, spices, oils and supplements that can be used on the paleo diet to enhance flavor.

The group of herbs, spices and oils has numerous benefits to offer along with great taste, and can be used creatively to come up with many different recipes offering a range of tastes.

The paleo food pyramid showcases food as are thought to have been eaten by the Paleolithic society members. The need to revert so far back in time is based on the belief that what our ancestors ate and stayed healthy, is how our bodies have been designed to eat and digest as well.  These natural, non-refined, non-processed foods are what our bodies crave and need for a healthy existence.

When following a diet based on these food choices, benefits like weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved heart health, reduced inflammation and enhanced glucose tolerance have been observed.

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