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Is Coffee Paleo?

Is Coffee Paleo?

So is coffee paleo? … Caffeine is an addiction and a strong one at that! Many people just cannot seem to get their day started out right unless they have their revered cup of coffee in the morning. While paleo followers of the strictest order do not permit any coffee consumption, those on the moderate end do indulge in an occasional treat. But by no means can coffee be consumed on the same basis as on a non paleo routine.

Being consumed as the third most popular drink worldwide, coffee has a very strong fan following. If giving up the idea of coffee seems overwhelming, then steps can be taken to cut back on its consumptions a little at a time. For people who find themselves too dependent on their favorite beverage, this might be the time to sit back and analyze the relationship you’ve had with coffee so far.

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If dependence is the primary culprit here, then maybe it’s time to cut back on regular consumption and make it more intermittent. Once the frequency of drinking coffee has been reduced then another step to tackle the issue is by looking to other options like decaffeinated versions. You will still be getting the same stimulating taste without the addictive effects of caffeine.

Sweet Treat?

For other coffee drinkers, the beverage may serve the purpose of a calorie packed treat rather than an addiction. Coffee now comes in all sizes and flavors. No longer the traditional black drink that was enjoyed for its bitter taste; coffee has evolved a long way. Now coffee can be adorned with heaps of whipped cream and tons of toppings to add to the delight.

If you find that your coffee does not serve any purpose unless it is accompanied by several trimmings, then you are already off the paleo track. To get back on it you need to reevaluate your priorities and do away with all the extras. A good way to cut down would be to add some natural honey to sweeten your drink but definitely stay away from the heavy toppings. Remember that the toppings are either processed or dairy and have no allowance on the paleo menu.

Tea Anyone?

Switching from a high caffeine beverage like coffee to a moderate or even low caffeine drink like organic tea can be a step in the right direction. Once again, though not strictly paleo, tea has a lower caffeine content and can even put you on the path to a caffeine free existence. Consider espresso or organic tea as paleo coffee options.

Eat Right!

Many people rely on coffee as an energy booster because it hikes their energy levels and keeps them moving on. However, if you are on a paleo eating plan then eating the right foods should already be keeping your energy levels high. When eating well and staying away from sources of empty calories, paleo dieters will have a healthy performance level. There will no longer be any need to rely on non paleo stimulants to do the work for you.

Hormones All Good?

Moreover looking to coffee as a stimulant means that you are allowing the caffeine to mess with your hormone levels. Drinking coffee elevates energy because you are now hormonally triggered releasing more adrenaline, kicking out cortisol and spiking your sugar to keep you wide awake. Sounds good? Hmm… Not if you really want to achieve paleo success in the true sense!

Now not all individuals will be able to cut out coffee on the same level. While some may be better equipped to handle going caffeine free, others may not be so resilient. Only time will tell. But in all fairness, everyone who plans on going paleo should at least try cutting down on their daily dose of caffeine if not completely giving it up.

Coffee in sensible moderation has worked for many paleo followers where to stay on track, they need an occasional dose of their favorite beverage. That is what “cheat days” are for! And if this is the one slight indulgence then it will not be able to override the many other benefits of the paleo diet. When taken in moderation, one may actually benefit from the presence of various antioxidants found in coffee.

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