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Is Butter Paleo? What about Clarified Butter?

Is Butter Paleo? What about Clarified Butter?

While butter was never consumed by our Paleolithic ancestors, it has come to make a place for itself on the paleo way of eating. The version of butter that has come to be accepted as a paleo approved fat is known as clarified butter. When consuming this type of butter, the proteins and sugars are removed and the clarified version does not have any milk constituents left.

As such clarified butter is devoid of all milk solids offering only healthy saturated fat components that can rank in the same category of healthy animal fats like lard, tallow and suet. Of course the best kind of clarified butter is one that is derived from grass fed and pastured animals.

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Commercially farmed dairy is exposed to synthetic hormones, growth factors and artificial feeds. Add to that exposure to environmental toxins and pesticides are it becomes inevitable that some of these elements will find their way into resulting dairy products. In its defense, the process of clarification of butter removes all milk ingredients and leaves behind pure saturated fat.

And even though the fat profile of butter seems uncharacteristically scary, it is good to know that we need saturated fats in our diet for optimal health. Saturated fats along with monounsaturated fats are beneficial for our bodies as this is what provided our ancestors with their energy reserves. Likewise, we can also do well by increasing these kinds of fats in our diets and keeping polyunsaturated fats to a minimal.

Clarified butter

Clarified butter also does rather well in cooking procedures. Being extremely heat stable this paleo fat is an ideal choice for cooking on high temperatures and for prolonged periods. If it is hard to find clarified butter than the next best thing is to make your own at home.

Working with a quantity of organic butter (preferably) melt over low heat without stirring. After the block has melted, the skim comes to the top and the solids remain at the bottom of the pan. By removing both with the help of a sieve and kitchen paper, the remaining golden mixture left behind is pure clarified butter.

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