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What is the Proper Portion Size for Paleo Eating?

What is the Proper Portion Size for Paleo Eating?

The Paleo diet works at a very different pace from other types of contemporary diets as far as portion sizes are concerned. Most popular diets have a standard of measurement be it the Zone, Atkins or Weightwatchers. Either you adhere to a strict calorie count or you schedule your eating times over the duration of the day. If you fail to follow these guidelines to a tee then you are likely to fail in your efforts as well.

What if you’re still hungry?

Now for someone like me, I find that extremely restricting. Imagine eating only so little and only at given times during the day. What if you’re still hungry after reaching your calorie intake or still don’t feel full after having your designated number of meals? People consider the Paleo diet restrictive in terms of food choices but for me factors like counting every morsel for calories and eating on a calendar seem more limiting.

Portion sizes are relative to your goals

This is where I become great pals with the Paleo diet. First it allows me to eat until I feel full, no concerns for calorie counts and then it spares me the trouble of eating only so many times a day. The freedom to create your own dietary schedule is a big plus on the Paleo diet. Also breaking tradition form other diets, the Paleo diet tells you ditch the obsessive weighing routine and put the scale somewhere far away.

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Portion sizes are relative to your goals on the Paleo diet. Everyone diets for a different reason. There are those who do so because they want to lose excess weight; others might diet to build up muscle mass while some might adopt a certain way of eating to indulge in healthier eating habits for overall good health. The variables are many and are driven by your goals.

Only healthy foods

The reason why Paleo ditches calorie count is because thes foods on a Paleo menu are only healthy foods. You are getting the best nutritional value from what you eat with no worries about storing excess unhealthy fats or indulging in unwanted sweet or salty cravings. Of course you have to know when you are full and put a stop to eating when you reach that mark- you are expected to know that much about your body- But if you find yourself to be an emotional eater, then make sure that there are no comfort foods anywhere in your home. So when you feel like it your only options are to snack on nutritionally viable foods which are not going to do too much harm.

Meal times

As far as meal times are concerned, even this aspect of dieting entails immense freedom. Some people prefer to eat one big meal during the day with a few snacks thrown in before and after. Others may want to divide their schedule into three medium sized meals over the course of the day while some others may practice eating five small meals during their day. Athletes who are on the Paleo diet for enhancing performance will off course have an entirely different eating schedule and breakdown of energy needs.

We don’t always need as much food as we believe we do

When we are given so much freedom within our method of dieting, it is fairly easy to realize that we don’t always need as much food as we believe we do. Our eating practices have been primarily fashioned out of habit and occasionally boredom. With nothing better to do we head for that bag of chips or that chocolate bar just to keep ourselves engaged. And just the sight of certain snacks makes you want them more. We are full aware that such non-Paleo fillers offer empty calories and minimal nutrition. On the other hand if you grab some fruit or nuts to snack on you are going to feel full because of the fiber content along with get some beneficial nutrition as well. It is not exactly rocket science trying to figure out which one is the better option.

Ardent Paleo followers have all benefitted with this freedom of choice. They eat till they are full, until the huger pangs are gone and snack on the best foods that are available. Plus there are no pressures with constant weight monitoring or keeping recorded journals of your eating habits. So, chuck the thought of portion control and spare yourself the constant sense of deprivation that many other dieters experience.


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