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Starting the Paleo Diet

Starting the Paleo Diet

Dieting is serious business and should be treated as such. Those people who make the effort to educate themselves before embarking on a new diet come out with sweet success while others who jump headlong into dieting just because they need instant weight loss results…well, you know how that one ends- right?

Most of us choose one diet or the other as we have different goals that we want to achieve. There are many diet trends in the market today, with most of them being yoyo diets promising unrealistic results and being abandoned on the way. Other diets are more structured and have a strategy to follow. If you are realistic about your long term results, you will know that any smart diet needs to be restrictive to an extent. Yes, there will be food options that need to be compromised on just as there will be portion sizes to watch out for. And of course, results will not be guaranteed overnight.

Now moving on to the topic of our choice today, the Paleo Diet will indeed prove to be restrictive in nature as well as take some time getting used to. If you are new to this method, you need to prepare yourself for what’s in store for you. If you already have some background info you will be aware of the multiple health benefits that can be incurred from following the Paleo way of eating. So, what is the best way to start the Paleo Diet? Let’s keep it straight and simple by doing the following:

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  • Familiarize your self with the diet. Grab some good reads about the Paleo Diet and flip through the pages to get an idea of what it’s all about. With a well written book, you will come across all the right answers to your questions as well as find many recipe ideas to keep you on track and not lose interest. Use the internet to do some research and get different takes on the diet.
  • Take it one step further and find some support groups. You can do this by joining some online paleo groups or else let your family and friends in on the secret. Let them be allies in your venture and support you in your efforts to get to a healthier lifestyle. Support groups let you share success stories and different perspectives broaden your understanding.
  • Get your facts straight. While on the Paleo Diet, you need to know what your food choices are. The diet works with the purest, all natural foods like lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as sources of healthy fats. Any processed or refined foods are strictly off the list. To keep it realistic and authentic, certain versions of the diet are more lenient than others and will allow some modification to prevent it from becoming too strict.
  • Empty out the pantry. When you are on a diet, your cravings are your greatest test. And for most of us, cravings mean processed junk foods that you can instantly pop in your mouth and voila! You are happy once again. You need to resolve this issue. Why have unwanted temptations around when you have made up your mind to follow a sensible way of eating? Bag all canned goods and send them off to a shelter or a food bank.
  • Detox docket. If you are like me, you might want to try out a detox program before going cold turkey on all your bad eating habits. A detox plan is an effective short term treatment that is helpful in cleansing toxins from the body. It helps in boosting energy levels as well as improving the functioning of all body systems.
  • If going cold turkey is too hard for you, then take it one step at a time and gradually phase out your unhealthy eating practices. Remember that you are trying to adopt a long term healthier lifestyle, not just give up certain foods for a limited time and then revert back to them.
  • In the true spirit of the Paleolithic lifestyle, get your self moving like our ancestors did.

There will be plenty of challenges along the way as your body will have to work hard to get used to the new eating regimen. But at the end of the road you will feel the difference yourself.

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