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Why is Gluten Bad for You?

Why is Gluten Bad for You?

Whether knowingly or otherwise, we are all guilty of loving gluten. After all, it is responsible for making our foods way more palatable than they would otherwise be. Thanks to gluten, the pizza dough shapes so well, the bread has a light texture and soups and sauces can be thickened to a desired consistency.

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How could gluten possibly be bad for anyone?

With so many agreeable attributes how could gluten possibly be bad for anyone? Fair question, I say, until you take a look at the flip side. And a good place to start would be by examining the various gluten free diets doing the rounds these days. All the ideas revolving around practicing a gluten free existence are centrally focused on leading energetically proactive and healthy lives.

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But wouldn’t that also be the focus of any other diet…you might ask. True that all diets do have the component of a healthier lifestyle as their ultimate goal, but the omission of gluten can bring about significant healthful benefits into an individual’s dietary habits. In addition to the more obvious goals like weight loss and weight management, gluten free diets can also assist in addressing other health related issues. Why gluten is considered the ultimate villain by some can be better understood if you take a look at the manifold threats that can result from consuming this wheat protein.

Malicious invader

In the case of those suffering from celiac disease, gluten is truly a poisonous offender. Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune condition where symptoms are triggered by the consumption of gluten. The body’s immune system reacts to the passing of gluten into the bloodstream causing inflammatory and damaging effects to the small intestine. The gluten connection in such cases leads to malabsorption of important nutrients which can cause serious deficiencies in the patients. Suffering from celiac disease can also trigger off other autoimmune diseases in the body.

Consequently, the only way to treat celiac disease is through maintaining a gluten free diet for life. The Paleo Diet in this scenario is a good option to consider as it fashions its meal plans completely devoid of any cereal grains.

Gut irritant

Even if someone has not been diagnosed as a celiac patient, another condition known as non celiac gluten intolerance has also started to surface. In this case the individual can suffer from symptoms similar to those of celiac disease, but without damage to the small intestine. Gut irritations as a result of gluten consumption are way more common than they were first thought to be.

Hidden sources

While one can try to eliminate gluten from the diet, it is important to take extra precautions as it can easily be disguised in many hidden food sources. As recipes, suppliers and production methods are constantly changing, it is hard to keep track. What may be considered gluten free one day may not be so the next.

Even if you do your homework before heading out for the groceries, you also need to be aware of what is in your kitchen at home. There is always danger of cross contamination with kitchen appliances, utensils and other items that have been used for dealing with regular cooking processes.

How much extra work is that? It is exhausting just listing the possibilities of cross contamination…imagine having to do all that every time you work in the kitchen! A much easier way to outsmart these hidden sources would be to go gluten free and cook with the satisfaction of knowing that you are not only doing yourself a favor but also others in your family.


Stop playing tag

On a less serious note, where there are neither medical issues nor other allergies involved, axing the gluten will be very helpful in achieving your long term weight loss goals. The first component that most diets tell you to forgo or at least curb in consumption is the carbohydrate factor.

Most calories in grain cereals come from carbohydrates. Gluten and grains are partially responsible for spiking up insulin levels.

So if you are in a constant battle with your weight fluctuations, don’t blame it on the scale. Instead of having a turbulent on-off-on-again relation with your cereals, toss them completely. Think of it as a long term commitment where the only outcome is your optimal health.


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