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What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit?

In a nut shell cross fit is a conditioning system that is created out of constantly varied movements that are executed at a high intensity. However it is not as straightforward as it may seem, this system of exercises has been honed for years and it is now regarded as the elite fitness program. The philosophy behind this program is to incorporate lifting, pushing, running, punching, etc. to create an ultimate exercise, since all of these actions are natural for us.

CrosFit is very intense and it usually includes dynamic exercises like plyometric jumps and weight lifting but using untraditional weightlifting equipment like sand bags or kettlbells.

The challenge behind this workout routine is that the participants are challenged to do a certain number of repetitions in a given time frame. This goes as far as the participants competing against each other in the number of given repetitions in a certain amount of time, these results are usually posted on-line and they give bragging rights to those that are the best.

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The magic is in the movements

The crossfit exercise program brings many benefits with its high intensity exercises, they require high explosive muscle action and therefore injuries are very possible if it is not done properly. The best option for someone wanting to do a crossfit program is to start a couple of exercise routines with a personal trainer to learn how to do them correctly in order to minimize the possibility of injury.

The pushing, pulling and rotating movements require high flexibility in the joints (ankles, hips and shoulders), joint stability is also key especially in the core region. Muscle injury and muscle tissue tare is possible if one doesn’t take the necessary time to develop the joint flexibility since the explosive plyometric jumping exercises shorten and lengthen the muscles in a rapid succession.


The benefits come from the intense exercises. The power based, high intensity exercises are excellent when it comes to spending a large number of calories in a short period of time. This programme also betters ones fitness and it spurs the anabolic hormones (testosterone, HGH,…) which are responsible for muscle growth and it has been reported that they are responsible for the anti-ageing effect.

Is This For Me?

This program is excellent especially for an experienced fitness enthusiast since it will give instant results and it will also add additional variety to a standard exercise routine. However one needs to keep in mind that such programs should be avoided if one hasn’t exercised for a long time or if one is just starting out with exercises. Note that working with a personal trainer can be a great investment before trying such a program for yourself.

The aim of a crossfit program is to create a broad, general and an all inclusive exercise program. The philosophy behind this program claims that the goal was to prepare the trainees for the unknown and unknowable. All skills and physical tasks from various sports and disciplines have been analyzed and only the ones that would best give performance advantage have been chosen for the crossfit programme. Practicing all the core skills from various sports basically means that they can be well applied to a large number of sports.

The perception of the program is high intensity movements that have recurring patterns performed in a prescribed fashion, from core to the extremities, to form compound movements that are above all multi joint but also very beneficial for the trainee.

The crossfit exercise programs will give you the hardest exercise of your life but if one doesn’t have the right mentality it is best to skip these programs. When we mention the right mental attitude we must keep in mind that our diets will also play a very important role since no amount of exercising can burn all of the calories that we are able to intake.

The good thing behind such an exercise programme is that it will get you in the best shape of your life. The trainees that share their stories about a crossfit program claim that they have never felt better in their live. The sleeping issues have been overcome and also the problem of weight has been placed under control. Assessing all of these benefits and drawbacks will be key to choosing and beginning a crossfit programme.

For more info about CrossFit read the CrossFit FAQ.

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