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The Paleo Diet Plan

The Paleo Diet Plan

When it comes to paleo diet plan most people think that foods in strict diets are not divers and they usually eat the same things for most of the time. This is not the case in this diet, because hunter-gatherer diet offers great variety of foods that you can eat daily. The truth is that paleo diet recipes are mostly based on meat, vegatables and fruits. Just by looking at the option that you can eat you will notice that paleo diet is not like other Western diets so your body will not lack of any food sources.

This diet is based on natural food where the main idea is to eat food that is not processed in any way. By eating processed food you will consume many unsaturated fats which will not benefit your body. There is no grains, like wheat, in the caveman diet cookbook  because, wheat is something that came from agricultural revolution that happened 10.000 years ago, and all the paleo food is based on the food that our ancestors eaten during the paleolithic age.

Caveman Diet Meal Plan

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Now we will give you an example of good paleo diet plan, on what you can eat through one week. You will see that food is really divers which gives you the chance to create your own diet plan that suits you the best.



For breakfast it is good to eat berries, eggs, bacon and to drink fruit smoothies. In some cases if you do not have any ingredients for the breakfast you can easily take some leftovers from previous day, like cold roast chicken. Also you can eat some nuts which you can easily mix with berries to give it a little taste. Many paleo experts encourage people to eat meat for breakfast like pork sausages or beef slices. Some may find this a bit heavy in the morning but be assured that there is a lot of energy in meat that can keep you through the day.


As for lunch things get even more interesting. For lunch many paleo dieters usualy eat meat (plus veggies and fruits) but if you skip a day without a meat there won’t be any harm done. Fish has to be on in the menu for lunch at least once a week. Fish will provide you with high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids.

Roasted chicken, beef, pork, can all be mixed with vegetables in to a great salad for lunch. But of course you can prepare roasted or cooked meat with additional vegetables a side such as broccoli or asparagus. Do not be afraid to experiment for lunch where seafood is highly welcomed.


Dinner should not be much different from lunch, but you have to consider that this is the last meal during the day. Many consider this to be a lighter meal than lunch so you might consider eating even more vegetables for dinner.

However beef goulash or grilled trout are great ways to end your day. It is necessary to say that olive oil should be used. Many paleo diet experts encourage others to find the foods that suit them the best and create their own paleo diet plan.

With use of herbs and spices, meat and vegetables will have good attractive taste. But remember that you need to choose natural organic products that will ensure that your food is healthy and that it provides you with all the necessary nutrients.

Eat nuts in moderation

Paleo diet plan is not hard to follow once you learn what you can and can’t eat. Also do not avoid nuts, but eat them moderately because most nuts have high amount of calories and unhealthy fats.

Paleo Diet Food List (PDF)
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