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The Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle

The Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle

The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is not a new thing it has just been forgotten by the modern civilization. The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is opposite to agricultural society that we live today. All the western diets are based on processed foods that are not very healthy for our body, and this is why we have so many food based illnesses. The Hunter-gatherer lifestyle is based on hunting and gathering food from wild animals and plants. As it is noticeable this life style is practiced in the paleo diet which is becoming very popular today.

The basic principles in paleo diet are those that food that is eaten is natural and that it is not processed in any way. These principles come from the fact that our ancestors used to eat this way. As human body evolved it got used to this kind of diet.

Now ten thousand years ago, agricultural revolution happened and humans started to produce their own foods but the human body is still not used to some of those products and this is the main reason why people get food based illnesses such as diabetes.

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When people want to practice hunter-gatherer lifestyle it is important to know that today it isn’t possible just to go out in to the woods and hunt or gather food. There are modifications that made this lifestyle easily managed in today’s society. Meat represents the main source of energy which gives proteins and fats sop you are able to eat natural meat such as beef, pork, poultry, seafood…

Many think that fats are not that good for human body, but fats are not unhealthy as people think they are. In paleo diet fats are eaten in fair amount. Lean meat is fine, but little fat will not ruin your body. Now when you choose meat, you need to understand that some animals are grass fed and some are grain fed with corn and soy. It is important to choose meat from animals that are only fed with grass in order to make sure that you do not insert any unwanted supplements and toxins in your body.

Proteins are important part of the diet and they can be found in many natural food sources such as eggs, fish, animal internal organs and other meats.

Vegetables are very important for the caveman diet but carbohydrates are something that need to be limited if you want to lose weight. By choosing the right vegetable you will be able to limit your carbohydrate intake and also you will have control over the proper nutrients that your body needs.

In the gathering part of the hunter-gatherer life style, nuts were gathered constantly by our ancestors. Nuts will give proper amount of nutrients to our body, but the fact is that nuts need to be limited in intake.

One interesting thing about paleo diet is that there are no dairy products on the food list. Many people have problems with dairy products such as milk or cheese, because they do not have proper enzymes to process lactose completely. The reason behind this is the same as with agricultural revolution, where people started using other animals milk not so long ago and human body is not used to it completely.

Active lifestyle

The thing with paleo diet is that it can give you a large amount of energy. It is not good to keep this energy inside you and it is highly recommended that you have a strong fitness routine which will make you lose unnecessary calories from your body.

Many like to practice CrossFit because it is consistent with strong and hard exercises. Also there are so many other ways that you can use your body. You just have to be physically active as our ancestors were when they went to hunt.

You cannot follow this lifestyle and not be active, then you won’t have any benefits from it. Paleo diet is great way to gain needed energy from food that is completely natural.

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