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Paleo Dinner Recipes That Are Easy on the Stomach

Paleo Dinner Recipes That Are Easy on the Stomach

In the not so distant past one would struggle in finding a good paloe diet recipe, especially when it comes to good paleo dinner recipes. However today there is a wide variety of healthy, nutritious and easy to make paleo recipes that are available on the internet in various places such as forums, cookbooks, etc.

The Paleolithic people used to eat natural foods that kept them strong and healthy, since all the food that they consumed consisted of all natural ingredients. Most believe that it is our time to follow in their footsteps and to eat all natural and organic foods.

Today’s modern gadgets allow us prepare food without them loosing any of their nutritional characteristics, however the best bet is to eat them as they grow from the earth and as our ancestors have ate them. The long list of healthy ingredients that can be used for the paleo diet allow us to prepare limitless combinations of tasty foods that will keep our engines running at full efficiency.

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Tasty paleo recipes

The most effective way to find easy and tasty paleo recipes is to invest in a good cookbook, for those that are only looking for a quick fix idea will need to read the rest of this article to get to know these recipes a bit better.

Ingredients make the world go round

The ingredients are key when it comes to paleo diet since they provide us with the opportunity to experiment and add various flavors to very simple natural ingredients that paleo diet usually consists of. Ingredients like coconut milk and sugar, honey or ginger can give a special taste to almost any meal turning them into exquisite works of art for your stomach and taste buds.

No paleo dinner recipe would be complete without the addition of salsa. Salsa can be made with a variety of different ingredients like mint, jalapeno, tomato, paprika, green or red chili, and when it is ready it can be used as a dip sauce with almost any dish one creates.

Shrimp would be ideal when it comes to searching for an ideal addition to the salsa dip. Shrimp is low in calories and fat but it is a great source of omega-3 and vitamin B-12, when combined with salsa which is also full of vitamins and minerals, one creates a perfect dinner recipe for the whole family. Note that one shouldn’t overdo the spiciness of the salsa dip, since it can ruin the fine taste of the shrimp and also one can have digestive problems if the food is too spicy.

Among the meat category when it comes to preparing dinner the paleo way, chicken dominates as the favorite choice of many paleo dieticians. Grilled chicken combined with Pesto sauce or a chicken paprika or more exotic chicken in orange sauce, the poultry category dominates the dinner table because of its low carb and low calories that it provides. Chicken meat is also light on the stomach which makes it ideal for dinner since we all know we shouldn’t eat something that will be difficult on our stomachs late at night.

The standard ingredient that is almost ever-present in all paleo dishes is garlic and also onion. These two indispensible ingredients can also be used to create great dinners since they prevent diseases, control cholesterol and prevent acne formation.

You should try to avoid high fat meats, like pork, for dinners since most of us will probably be going to bed soon after dinner, or most of us will not exercise after dinner, therefore there is no need for high fat meals before bed.

Also game meat should be avoided for dinner since those meats contain more salt and fat than poultry meat which is ideal for dinner. When it comes to eating fruit and vegetables, one can use almost any fruit or vegetables that one wants, however moderation should be practiced since fruits contain sugars. Eggs should be avoided during dinner, nuts should be consumed in moderation since they can be considered as fatty foods.

Even though we have some restrictions when it comes to preparing dinner, numerous ingredients are still available for usage to create tasty dinner meals. Paleo dinner recipes focus on simplicity and foods that are easy on the stomach, to keep the energy levels optimal and to better the blood flow.

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