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Paleo Diet Weight Loss is Real

Paleo Diet Weight Loss is Real

As many might think that paleo diet weight loss is not really possible the thing is that people are really able to lose much weight with paleo diet. We know that fats are among ingredients in paleo diet which is causing many not to believe in the facts that weight loss is really possible with paleo diet.

To accomplish this it is necessary to follow several rules that are basically the main principal behind paleo diet. The paleo diet and weight loss have some principals that are not similar to any other weight loss diet. However many who have tried paleo diet had a great success in weight loss.

Beginning with the meat it is important to say that meat can contain some fat. Lean meat is fine, but our body also needs fat which is excellent source of energy. When it comes to meat it is necessary to eat diverse foods and not only to eat one type of meat. It would be good to combine as much as possible and to make a weakly meal plan from red meat, poultry, pork and even to eat animal organs such as liver, heart and kidneys. This is also important because there is a high amount of proteins in organ meat which is necessary for proper body function. Proteins are also found in egg so try not to skip on eggs as well.

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Eat grass-fed!

Many don’t think that there are many differences in how certain animals are fed but they are mistaking. There is a huge difference in feeding animal with natural grass and with grains (mostly from corn and soy). The grass fed animals are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are much healthier for our body than the omega-6 fatty acids which are higher in grain fed animals.

Avoid sugar!

Sugar is something that causes many problems in body which can lead to excessive weight problem. In paleo diet sugar is something that should be avoided. Sugar is an ingredient that is located in fruits so in some cases it is hard to avoid it. However, in modern diets the amount of sugar is really high which makes people more prone to weight gain. Paleo diet weight loss can be accomplished by avoid sugar as much as possible. This doesn’t just apply for food, the rule has to be applied for beverages as well.

When it comes to fruits many say that it is best to avoid fruits rich in sugar during the weight loss period. This rule applies for nuts and starchy vegetables as well.

Nuts may produce ingredients that are not comfortable for digestive system. We all know that in the weight loss process it is very important to keep your digestive system in full function in order to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Eat organic!

It is very important to eat organic vegetables and fruits, especially try to consume coconut oil which is good replacement for saturated fats. Beside coconut oil good replacements for saturated fats are also olive oil, avocado oil and macadamia oil, only bad side is that they mainly should be used for salads and not for cooking.

Paleo lifestyle

The fact is that paleo diet is not just a daily meal plan, it is a life style which if followed correctly will create a healthy body. It is necessary to have a good night sleep in order to give your body a chance to regain its energy.

Regular exercise

Paleo diet weight loss is not just accomplished by food, you have to understand that as much as it is important to intake energy it is also important to spend that energy. Exercises like bench press, pull-ups and squats are usually enough to keep the good balance in the body. Exercises are a great way to eliminate external stress which in weight loss can be a great factor that might slow the process.

And the last thing to remember is that you can eat as soon as you are hungry, just try to find a normal amount that feels fine

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