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Excalibur 2900 9-Tray Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 2900 9-Tray Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 2900 is a model of food dehydrators that is rather large for the economy class of 2000 series. Nine trays proved a lot of space for drying food with great efficiency. Excalibur 2900 has many good features where you will be able to dry food evenly so you do not have to move the food occasionally in order to have the same amount of the dryness both in front and in the end of the tray.

Drying food is fun

Dehydrating is a great way to add a new way of consuming foods without damaging valuable nutrients which may be lost during high heat cooking! Dried foods are a great treat to snack on because they hold almost all of their nutritional value and flavor.

It is important to emphasize the great benefits of food drying where more and more people discover this great way to preserve food for longer period of time without having a need to freeze it. For instance the food eaten in paleo diet needs to be natural and in the way that our ancestors eat it 2 million years ago.

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When it comes to food dryin you won’t only be able to dry fruits and vegetables but meat as well. Dried meat is very delicious and it still contains a lot of proteins that can be lost if you freeze the food. This has a benefit of eating more natural food that hasn’t been frozen for long period of time, and more importantly the food has been dried on the open air which saves the right taste of the food.

Paleo diet has wide aspect of foods that can be eaten and with combination of dried foods it is clear that paleo diet is something that is not hard to follow. There are many ways to dry food but home dryers are something that is very practical as long as the dryer is good enough.

Now food dehydrators are usually not too compact where design is not essential for food dehydrators, but Excalibur 2900 9-tray food dehydrator is actually setting up the standard for design and quality of the food dehydrators. Excalibur 2900 9-tray food dehydrator enables temperature control with horizontal drying system, where fan speed can easily be adjusted to the need of the food that is being dried. Fan is responsible for proper air circulation in the dryer, so any moister can be eliminated were moister is not good for food drying.

Horizontal 9 trays enable you the proper adjustment where the spacing between trays is easily done if you are drying larger items such as larger portions of fruit. If you are drying smaller items you will have enough space of 9 trays to put a large amount of food in the food dehydrator where you can save a lot of time with drying different foods together.

There is actually no limit in the type of food that you can dry in the Excalibur 2900 so you will be able to dry all sorts of food such as:

  • Herbs
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Meat
  • Fish

Excalibur 2900 enables the use of non stick sheets that can ensure the creation of fruit leathers. Also the horizontal air flow in Excalibur 2900 9-tray food dehydrator ensures that air flows maximally over the dried food all the time, where no losses of hot air happen. Some food dehydrators need to have rotation of trays in order for the food to be dried evenly, but in Excalibur 2900 there is no need for this because of horizontal air flow which also saves a lot of time for the food drying.

Many food dehydrators provide constant air temperature which in many cases is not good for food drying, but Excalibur 2900 has adjustable thermostat that ensures that there is no unwanted moisture which can ruin the drying process of the food. The temperature can easily be adjusted to change any variations of temperature that might occur.

Feature called Hyperwave Fluctuation provides faster and safer dried food ensuring that there will be no onset of bacteria thanks to elimination of moisture in the casing. Excalibur 2900 is an excellent product if you like dried food, whit it simplicity it stands out to be one of the best food dehydrators on the market. If you perhaps practice paleo diet you will find this food dehydrator to be very useful at any time.

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