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Alligator Meat and Where to Buy it?

Alligator Meat and Where to Buy it?

It never ceases to fascinate me when I hear people saying that a lot of non standard meats taste “just like chicken!” (Non standard meaning others than the regular ones which adorn your dining choices like poultry, beef and veal mostly). Of course that is just my own measure of standard meats, you might have a completely different one. In any case, there are many exotic meats available that most of the general chicken eating population is not familiar with.

“Just like chicken”

If you wish to try a healthier meat option outside poultry, yet stay within your comfort zone of it tasting “just like chicken”, you might want to try some alligator meat! Now that is a huge break away from the traditional poultry options like chicken, duck, turkey or quails. But as ardent consumers will tell you it does actually taste a whole lot like chicken.

Heart Healthy Meat

Why do I call it a healthier option? Only because like chicken, alligator meat is a fantastic source of protein but has a distinct advantage in terms of its fat content. Only a mere 15% of calories in this meat are derived from fat. It is virtually free of both saturated fat and cholesterol and so makes up for a heart healthy meat choice. Since it is a highly concentrated source of protein alligator meat does tend to have a higher calorie count than other traditional meat choices.

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The most popular cuts of alligator meat come from the tail section. The meat has a similar texture as veal and has been occasionally compared to the white portions of pork. It is a pure white meat with only two cuts available; the tenderloin and the sirloin.

The thought of trying something so out of the box may not appeal to all, especially if you prefer the more traditional choices of meat. You may be highly reluctant to put that first bite in your mouth, however, based on its health benefits it is definitely worth a try. As opposed to the choice of beef which is not considered a heart healthy meat, alligator meat is gaining popularity as a healthier wild game alternative.

Cooking Alligator Meat

Care has to be taken while cooking alligator meat because of its lower fat content. The meat is generally sold frozen and should be kept so until ready for use. Not as widely available as other meats, alligator meat can be purchased from butcher shops or alligator farms. It can be easily substituted for any other kind of meat in recipes and adding seasoning will only enhance the flavor. Easy to grill, fry or stir fry, alligator meat is considered cooked when it is white all the way.

Alligator meat used for commercial meat products comes from animals that are fed on strictly controlled diets. These alligators are raised on farms where proper habitat conditions are provided for them. One such place to look for premium quality alligator meat is Fossil Farms. The company offers only the highest quality of farm raised game and all natural meats.

The alligators at these farms are fed on a diet of frogs and fish, closely resembling the natural diet for sustenance of these creatures. Fossil Farms also offer a variety of exotic meats like buffalo, elk, ostrich, wild boar and kangaroo among others.

Since animals at Fossil Farms are fed a natural diet, their meat is way healthier than of those available at the meat aisle of your grocery store. While other animals are fed on the artificially and hormonally altered diets, the habitants of Fossil Frames are free from such quick fix indulgences.

Add a touch of true Paleolithic taste to your diet

Choosing from new and untried meat options adds variety to your menu and if you happen to be one of those who have decided to go the Paleo way of life, then you can suffice better with some real hunter gatherer meat choices. After all, game meat was the bulk of the Paleolithic diet.

When it comes to meat choices, no other diet gives you as much freedom of choice as does the Paleo Diet. Add a touch of true Paleolithic taste to your diet. You don’t have to go out and do the hunting bit yourself, just check in with Fossil Farms and see how they can help you.

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