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Sugar Detox Diet Plan Tips

Why would you need 21 day sugar detox diet plan tips? Well, modern diet contains excessive amount refined carbohydrates in everyday diet. The common refined carbohydrates that lurk in our everyday food include table sugar, beverages, sugar syrups, high fructose corn syrup in drinks, fruit juices, snacks, white flour, all purpose flour etc. The refined carbohydrates are well known culprits in jeopardizing health and are implicated in number of degenerative diseases.

These refined carbohydrates are by products of complex carbohydrates whose fiber is removed through processing techniques to yield simple sugars or refined carbohydrates. Foods containing refined carbohydrates have very high glycemic index. Foods with high glycemic index causes a quick spurt in the blood glucose levels when consumed and this is injurious to health on the long run.

Natural sugars such as honey, date sugar and maple sugar are not refined carbohydrates but they have glycemic index and hence has the same effect as the refined sugars.

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Why is sugar harmful?

Research has revealed that on consuming sugar, it stimulates the release of the neuro-chemical dopamine that is responsible for the sense of pleasure. Some researchers suggest that sugar influences these receptors in the same lines illicit drugs such as heroine and morphine affect the brain. Consuming sugar also leads to the following detrimental health effects:

  • Accelerates aging
  • Decreases immunity
  • Increases insulin resistance and leads to diabetes
  • Promotes the storage of body fat, increases weight.
  • Increases the risk of skin break outs
  • Increases the risk of premenstrual syndrome
  • May increase the risk of cancer
  • Causes tooth decay and cavities
  • Declines the alertness and results in sleepiness
  • Impairs vision and may result in premature eye aging.
  • Increases the incidence of yeast infection

Sugar Detoxification

The process of detoxifying the body of sugar takes about 20-30 days. The process of sugar detoxification should be approached at one step at a time for definitive success.

Step 1: This step involves steering clear of one sugary item per week. This will also train the taste buds to enjoy less sugary and non- sugary foods. During this step the quantity of added sugar in the diet should also be minimized for effective detoxification.

Step 2: The second step involves choosing better sugar alternatives such as whole fruits, low fat, low sugar yogurt, dried fruits etc match up to the table sugar but are less sugary and highly nutritious.

Step 3: The third step involves making conscious measures in removing sugar containing products such as ketchup, high fructose corn syrup etc around the kitchen. This also includes shopping smart and avoiding pre-packaged meals, processed and refined foods and refined flours. Sugar is hidden foods in many names such as fructose, dextrose etc, reading the food labels while shopping helps to avoid the hidden sugars.

Step 4: The fourth step is to snack healthy. A protein rich snack not only curbs hunger but also is rich in nutrients. Some examples of healthy protein snack include lean meat, nuts, and eggs. Fiber rich foods also help to curtail the sugar cravings. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which can be consumed as a snack.

Step 5: The fifth step is to control the symptoms of sugar withdrawal. This can be achieved by regular exercise, and consuming plenty of water. Exercise can help to ward off symptoms such as headache, fatigue etc and promotes positive attitude. Consuming water helps the liver to perform to its full potential and promotes detoxification.

How does Paleo diet help in sugar detoxification?

Low in carbohydrate: Paleo diet naturally cuts back on the simple sugars in food because it is primarily low in carbohydrates. Some paleo diet experts completely restrict the consumption of natural sugars such as honey, agave nectar and palm sugar. The complex carbohydrates (sugars) that are obtained from the fruits and vegetables are the perfect alternatives to curb the sugary foods.

Low glycemic index and glycemic load index: The complex carbohydrates in the Paleolithic diet, raise the blood sugar at a slower pace and thus curtail the sugar cravings and prevents sugar -lows.

High fiber: The naturally high fiber content of paleolithic diet, helps to manage sugar cravings, provides satiety value to the food and relieves constipation that may be associated with sugar detoxification.

Thus Paleo diet is also a naturally sugar detoxification diet that also supplies the essential nutrients, phytochemicals and other antioxidants vital for general health. To learn more about paleo diet and healthy paleo recipes download The Paleo Recipe Book!

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  1. Great post! It’s amazing how many health effects sugar has on our bodies. I don’t think enough people realize the impact it plays on many of the conditions they have. More and more I hope that people will choose health over taste buds 🙂

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