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The Paleo Diet and Coffee

The Paleo Diet and Coffee

Are you one of the multitudes of paleo people who can’t get their day started right unless it starts off with a sharp aromatic cup of coffee? Do you really need your daily dose of jamocha to put your best foot forward?

And are you seriously also considering adopting the Paleo Diet as your new way of a healthier lifestyle? Well then, I have news for you; you just might have to part ways with your jolly java companion!

But hold on, all is not lost yet. While in orthodox Paleo conditions, coffee would be an absolute no from the get go, in a more realistic setting, you have to realize that caffeine cravings are a real part of a lot of people’s lifestyles. And if some caffeine lovers do want to go the Paleo way, then going cold turkey on caffeine is a hard one to digest. Seriously, the Paleo Diet might die a decisive death even before its conception.

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Instead, here are some steps to cut back on your coffee intake:

Do the Decaf

So bring in your good judgment and see where you stand as an individual in your relation to this brewed beverage. If you find that you simply can not wake up without your daily cup of coffee, chances are that you have become too dependant on it. No need to say here that you should definitely cut down on your coffee consumption. A good way to start off is to become more sporadic. Change the routine cup of coffee into a random one. You could also try the decaffeinated version and see how you fare. The addictive taste is still there minus the caffeine.

Trim the Toppings

Yum! Coffee has never been so exciting with all the extra indulgences and whipped creams. If your coffee is one that is not considered complete without a whipped topping, then you need to trim the trimmings. Not only does the Paleo Diet forbid dairy but also added sugars. So take it easy when you want to sweeten your favorite beverage. Add in some honey as a healthier alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Consider Coffee Alternatives

Since the Paleo Diet also advocates abandoning sugar and dairy, you could opt for black coffee. Phasing out coffee habits consciously will let you see how you feel about adapting a caffeine free life. Or else, try other coffee alternatives like black espresso or tea. Tea is a good substitute with lower caffeine content.

Boost your energy

Coffee might just be an energy booster in your day. Once you start on a Paleo lifestyle and watch what you eat, you energy levels will start to improve. Healthy food choices in conjunction with adequate sleep and exercise are a winning combination to boost your energy levels. Your dependence on a coffee as a quick fix for energy will be out the door. Do remember that initially you might experience more fatigue than usual as your body adapts to the new changes, but will eventually be on the rebound.

While the ultimate goal of going truly Paleo should be complete elimination of coffee, it is something that can not be achieved overnight. Essentially, caffeine is an addiction, and needs to be addressed as such. It does have a stimulating effect and withdrawal can create issues. Just like any other addiction, there will be periods of relapse and heightened cravings. Episodic mood swings and grumpiness are likely to follow. “Caffeine headaches” make occasional appearances accompanied by instances of lethargy. All in all, then transition should be a gradual one for it to have long term results.

And if the prospects of no coffee are too overwhelming, then it is good to know that there are Paleo adherents who continue to take their coffee- although in sensible moderation- and are still able to reap the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle. Because the diet has manifold benefits, one slight indulgence will not hinder its advantages.

In all fairness, studies have credited some benefits of moderate coffee consumption over complete elimination. Coffee contains certain antioxidants and has been shown to lower the incidence of liver cancer. However, this stands true in variance to people on an individual basis.

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