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Paleo Power Lunch Recipes

Paleo Power Lunch Recipes

How many of us are on the lookout for nutritious meal ideas but fall short when it comes to actually putting them together? While I can’t say much about anyone else, I know that I stand guilty as charged.

There have been numerous times when its’ either been too much effort involved to plan a healthy lunch, unable to find the right ingredients in the fridge or something like heading out to the nearest eatery just because, well you guessed it… not enough time to put something together in the morning. And while I am not proud of any of these under accomplishments, days like these do make up a substantial number on my calendar.

We have all probably been told that the there are no shortcuts in life but I beg to differ. There might just be that perfect shortcut to healthy meal preparation that neither involves extensive prep work nor any special culinary smarts to get the job done. In fact, it serves as the absolute teaching tool to get a power lunch ready with minimal effort.

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Compiled as a work of 26 fabulous paleo recipes the book is aptly named Paleo Power Lunch. Put together by the Paleo Power Lunch Lady herself, Stormy Sweitzer, the book is a collection of 117 full color pages available in PDF format as an eBook.

Outsmarting the competition easily, the Paleo Power Lunch is not simply a recipe book, but a conglomerate of ideas based on a healthy eating plan. It addresses all the fundamentals of good eating habits keeping in perspective common food allergens, strategies for eating better, shopping ideas, weekly meal planning sheets and strategies as well as ideas for storing and packing great lunches.

Not only do you get to have a nutritious lunch to feast on but also tips on how to keep it fresh longer- that is definitely a new take not many cookbooks offer. In short, the book does all the preparatory ground work for you and asks nothing more than you putting the meal together.

The book is accompanied by 5 extremely handy quick guides. These guides provide both the seasoned and novice cook with all the expert tips on the how-tos of great cooking. The quick guides are a guarantee of keeping your culinary options fresh and exciting without falling into the trap of boredom. Meal ideas are improvised in the most creative manner focusing on the following areas of cooking:

  1. Assembly Required Meals: Ideal for occasions when you are short on time, these quick fixes do not require any cooking and can yet craft delicious eating options.
  2. Bowl-In-One Meals: Inspired by traditional Asian lunch bowls, these cleverly crafted meals are your one stop solution for carry on lunches.
  3. Breakfast Scrambles: Creative breakfast options that present innovative ways of working with eggs, meats, greens and spices.
  4. Cooler Companions: In tune with its name, this guide suggests ways of preparing energy laden foods, perfect for times when you are on the go.
  5. Stock Up On Soup: Well versed in soups of all kinds, you can create one from this guide that appeals to your liking. There are ideas for creamy, light, meat and vegetable based soups.

Along with the extensive reading material to keep you busy, the Paleo Power Lunch package is also accessorized with 8 quick videos. Visual instruction covers areas of vegetable preparation, heat preparation, roasting peppers, deveining shrimp, how to make homemade dressings and putting together your paleo power lunch.

To make sure that you do not forget any steps along the way, the Paleo Power Lunch also provides you with a Quick Reference Guide. The guide caters to essential checklists for successful meal planning, shopping lists, and meal planning sheets, along with instructions on how to prepare and pack your paleo meals throughout the week.

So whether your work schedule does not permit time in the kitchen, kids have excessive culinary demands, family members are restricted by health concerns or food allergies, Paleo Power Lunch can fix all that. Filled with only the best eating ideas this powerhouse cookbook can help you and your family get right back on the track of healthy eating.

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