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Caveman Diet Recipes

Caveman Diet Recipes

Human body is a very complex and interesting system where human body grows with the energy that we take through the food that we eat. It is good to know that humans are on Earth for a long period of time, more than 2 million years to be more precise, and changes that we had in our body were all in favor of adapting to the surroundings where the main cause of changes is of course the food that we eat.

The main diet in those early days was consistent of fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and eggs. Basically all the things that humans could gather or catch.

Many think that caveman diet is not diverse enough and that you mostly eat the same food all the time. The things are just opposite because there are so many recipes that can be easily prepared with the ingredients that are listed in caveman diet. The taste of the food that is prepared on the principles of caveman diet is delightful not just because of the natural ingredients but also because there are so many spices that you are able to use for every dish.

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When it comes to herbs, spices are very encouraged to be part of the diet. Some of the most often spices used in caveman diet are ginger, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, chilly, garlic, pepper and horseradish.

Caveman diet recipes are mostly consistent of products that contain fats and proteins but they are usually low in carbohydrates. Caveman diet should be consistent with saturated fats so it is advisable to use coconut oil because coconut oil is rich with saturated fats. When it comes to meat, you can find saturated fats in beef tallow and duck fat. While you intake fats you have to remember that proteins are also very important for the human body. To ensure that human body has enough proteins it is necessary to eat poultry, eggs, red meat, shellfish, and animal organs such as heart, liver and kidneys.

In caveman diet it’s not all about meat, vegetables and fruits are also very important part of daily meal. This is the reason why so many caveman diet recipes contain vegetables as one of the main ingredients. For instance when it comes to vegetables you can prepare them raw or cooked along with the meat or you can eat them alone which is also encouraging. Fruits and nuts should be eaten but in moderate amount. It is important to choose fruits and nuts that contain omega-3 and that they are rich in antioxidants.

The main problem with food that people eat today is that human body is still not used to it because people started using these foods only 10,000 years ago when the agriculture revolution happened. Human body is still not used to all the food that are available to us, and this is why caveman diet is much better for strong and healthy body. On the other hand this is why we have so many diseases that are mainly induced by the food that we eat. For instance many people have issues with lactose intolerance. This is because their body doesn’t have proper enzymes in order to break down lactose.

Milk was not used in early ages of human civilization so human body in some cases is not prepared for the lactose, so dairy products are not listed in the caveman diet. Caveman diet is not just good for production of energy in the body, it is also good when it comes to health related problems as well.

The variety of caveman diet recipes will give you an opportunity to consume natural foods prepared natural way without having problems in eating the same food all the time. It is very encouraging to try new things, from red meat to fish and shellfish, from vegetables to fruits.

And it is important to eat when you are hungry, but if you skip a meal or two you will be fine and there won’t be any consequences.problems in eating the same food all the time. It is very encouraging to try new things, from red meat to fish and shellfish, from vegetables to fruits.


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