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Paleo Diet and Alcohol

Paleo Diet and Alcohol

You should keep one point in your mind when it comes to enjoying alcohol on paleo diet and it is that you have to drink alcohol from time to time, not on a regular basis; drinking alcohol should not be a routine work for you.

Learn about Alcohol

Alcohol is a well-known drink that is composed of ethanol, an organic compound. It is an inflammable colorless liquid produced from starch and sugar fermentation. Alcohol, a psychoactive drug, has been using worldwide as the best recreational drug. Wines, beers and spirits are three groups of alcoholic beverages. First two groups (wines and beers) are directly produced from starch or sugar fermentation and spirits are produced from grain fermentation. Wines and beers usually contain gluten proteins (beers are also available as gluten-free); however, spirits are free of gluten, as producing process of spirits goes through distillation process that eliminates proteins from grains.

What Type of Alcohol is Better on Paleo?

Several alcoholic beverages such as red wine, white wine, soda water, vodka and gin are assumed as better stuffs on paleo diet. You can include any non-sugar alcoholic beverage in your paleo diet. It is recommended that all alcoholic beverages avoid of sweet stuffs are ok to consume with paleo meals. If you take vodka with any paleo diet, please include a squeeze of orange and soda water only. While using gin, include soda water as well. You should not take any tonic water instead of soda water and should always stay away from sweet or sugary stuff.

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What amount of paleo commitment you need with alcohol it depends on your own choice but in general, the level should be in moderation. Of course, paleo meals with alcohol especially on social gathering make life very fun as well as worth living. It is fact that alcohol is used with paleo diet or any food item not for potential health benefits, but more and more for the pleasure and diversity it presents.

Alcoholic beverages are often a great means to enjoy something unusual or a taste you used to get pleasure from your preceding diet without damaging, inciting and deadly effects of some other food choices similar to grains, sugar, legumes or oils. Moreover, to consume some alcohol by having paleo diet recipes that instantly will start to ferment could be the great idea! At this point, wine maybe the closest variety of alcoholic beverage to deal with our bodies.

Therefore, enjoy a glass of red or white wine with your paleo diet or have a shot of vodka over ice including fresh-squeezed lime and mixed with soda water.

Keep the alcohol drinking at a minimum

If your alcohol consumption stays in moderate level, you can have a good way to calm down, and have a great time in a societal environment. Reasonable alcohol intake improves insulin sensitivity, may reduce some sorts of ulcers, and can lower cardiovascular disease risks.

However, excessive intake of alcohol causes drunkenness, dehydration that leads to chronicle constipation, electrolyte imbalances, numerous health and social problems. Excess intake of alcoholic beverages help damage liver functions and it is usually occurred to liver when high amounts of polyunsaturated fats are taken. That is the point where paleo diet recipes come into actions. As a low polyunsaturated fat diet, paleo recipes make the diet defensive to a definite amount, from the injury of alcohol on the lever.

Therefore, keep the alcoholic beverages intake at a minimum level to stay away from harsh physical, mental and social injuries.

Alcohol prior go to bed

According to numerous researches, alcohol can help in favor of your body if it is consumed at proper dose as well as on time. Most of the researchers recommend one sip per day for women and maximum two sips for males. Now, what is the best time enjoying alcohol? The most negative effects of having alcohol are played down in the evening. Moreover, in the evening, the social pleasures are in top. Therefore, the evening is the best time to consume alcohol! Even though some people take alcohol before go to bed for a sound sleep, the fact is that alcohol typically wake up them several times a night and the fatigue of interrupted sleeping works against the scheduled tasks of the next day. Therefore, you should take alcohol with your paleo diet in the evening as amount as necessary.

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