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Ryan Kwanten Paleo Workout

Ryan Kwanten Paleo Workout

No matter if you are female or male, and you have watched at least one episode of the popular True Blood series, you have most probably notices handsome male character named Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten).
His naked torso and abs leaves you breathless, especially ladies! 🙂 I’m sure that girls don’t change the program or turn off  TVs when Ryan Kwanten is on.Ryan is the man who plays the really-fit figure referred to as Jason Stackhouse. Ryan is a lot more than in shape. This man is in amazing form.

Ryan Kwanten is a 34 year-old Australia native and previousely contended in triathlons and boxing. Sports seem to generate a lot more of the beach body impact, in comparison to gym workout routines on your own. He was state champ in the welterweight section in boxing from the age of 13-15.

So let’s talk about Ryan Kwanten  workout and (paleo) meal plans

Ryan Kwanten is an example of a guy who stays extremely fit without going anywhere near a gym. He also keeps a normal amount of muscle mass for his frame, while keeping his body fat low. The result is a physique that looks great in nice clothes as well as on the beach.

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He also likes to jump rope since he used to box when he was younger. He also likes to run (former triathlete).

His exercises mostly include physique excess weight exercises: push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and so forth. He also like to do intervals and skips rope. Unaided body resistance and intervals seems to become a recurring theme with those in Hollywood. Ryan also has competed and won the biathlon in LA in 2006 and 2007.

When preparing for a shoot, Ryan Kwanten basically goes on a Paleo diet. He eats meat, fruit and vegetables only. He only drinks water or protein shakes. He states he only needs to complete this for a few days top up to a special occasion. The decrease intake of carbs insures that his insulin amounts remain steady. Steady insulin amounts would be the important to using body fat 24 / 7, considering that when insulin is large the body can not use excess fat for energy.

So Ryan Kwanten’s workout appears to be based about a rigid diet at occasions with interval coaching as well as a good deal of body fat perform.

However, Ryan admits that he doesn’t follow a strict diet anymore, and isn’t afraid to have a beer on occasion, but still prefers water or a protein shake.


Ryan Kwanten doesn’t believe in shortcuts, but when he’s pressed for time, he does this version of his favorite drill;
1. Running
2 minutes
Use the pavement or a treadmill, or simply run in place. A steady, brisk jogging pace will raise your body temperature, priming your heart and muscles for the work to follow.2. Pushups
2 minutes
Stop to rest if you have to. Just let the clock keep ticking.3. 30-second sprints
6, resting 45 seconds after each4. Planks
2 minutes
Stop to rest if you have to, as with the pushups.5. Supine jackknifes
2 minutes
Lie flat on your back and raise your legs straight up so they form an L with your torso. Now “crunch” to lift your shoulder blades off the floor while extending your arms toward your toes. This is the starting position. Keep your legs straight as you lower them to 6 inches off the ground and then raise them again, always pausing for a one-or two-count at the top of each rep.6. Shadowboxing
4 1/2 minutes
It’s the final round of a fight. The decision hangs in the balance. That’s your pace.

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