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Paleo Snacks

Paleo Snacks

Generally a quick snack can be a piece of fruit and a handful of raw nuts, but sometimes you’re on the go and you want something tasty and filling, but not messy or hard to fix.

Finding true paleo snacks that are grain/gluten free and tasty can be a challenge for anyone.

We would like to share with you two quality paleo snack ideas;

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Paleo People

Paleo People Snacks – Check out these Paleo People snacks! Primitive snacks made modern! These are delicious mixtures of dried fruit and yummy nuts with spices and natural flavorings. Grain free, gluten freesugar free and free of anything artificial. If you are gluten free or have a family member that is gluten free and you have been searching for a nutritious snack than these “granola like” snacks are for you! There’s Apple CrispBanana Nut,Cappacino crunch and Cacao Nut varieties. Each variety was bursting with flavor and better than the last one.

Paleo People Snacks are real food for real people – try it!


Paleo Brands

Paleo Brands started with an observation and a desire to literallychange the  world. The observation was that simple nutritional changes can lead to remarkable health improvements, and can even reverse disease. Paleo Joe saw his beloved mother reverse serious medical conditions that had plagued her for over 20 years, all in a mater of weeks when she tried Paleo foods.

With his friends, Robb Wolf and John Welbourn, Joe formed the idea for a food company that would bring minimally processed grass fed meat, wild caught fish and organic vegetables to the world via gourmet frozen foods. They also conceived of gluten free jerky and wholesome delicious snacks made from paleo friendly foods – shop now!

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