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Is Kefir Paleo?

Is Kefir Paleo?

From time to time  people ask me for opinion on the kefir grains and the paleo diet. In order to provide the best answer on this topic, I called my colleague from The Kefir website;

Is kefir paleo? The strict paleo answer is NO! But let’s think for a moment about it.

What are the advantages of  of incorporating raw milk and kefir into a Paleo diet:

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  • Raw cow milk has high levels of digestible protein and enzymes!
  • Raw grassfed cow milk has high levels of CLA!
  • Kefir made with raw milk incorporates not only the probiotics from the kefir but also the good bacteria that remains in the milk because it isn’t pasteurized!
  • Raw kefir is a lot more digestible than milk!
  • Raw cow dairy contains a good amount of saturated animal fats and a ton of other great stuff!
  • Raw cow milk from healthy animals contains a high level of Vitamin D!

If you move away from the “paleo” paradigm for a second and just think “primitive”  you can see that cultured raw milk from grass fed cows on a local farm is about as “early” as you can get in the agricultural time-line. We’re basically talking “Paleo Age” plus a few hundred years or so.

This is still very primitive and there’s a fair amount of evidence that primitive and hunter gatherer cultures have used raw dairy to good effect.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is an ancient cultured food rich in amino acids, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins. Kefir means “feel good” in Turkish, and that’s just how you’ll feel after drinking a glass in the morning! Easy and fun to make at home, it is superior to commercial yogurt. An absolute must after antibiotic use!

Unlike yogurt, kefir can actually colonize the intestinal tract and is simple and fun to make at home.

Kefir is an enzyme-rich food full of friendly microorganisms that balance your inner ecosystem and helps to strengthen immunity. It is made by culturing fresh raw milk with kefir grains.

The Kefir you get from the grains is one of the best sources of probiotics you can find. People waste money on probiotic pills everyday. Kefir alone has over 42 different strains! A pill will never be able to compare to a natural drink like Kefir.

Some of the friendly bacteria are lactic acid bacteria, Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lb delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, Lb helveticus, Lb casei subsp, Kluyveromyces, Torulopsis, and Saccharomyces.

Kefir also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes. Included are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, B2 and B12, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin D.


Kefir has many benefits including better digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and has been known for thousands of years for its anti-aging and immune enhancing properties.

To find out more about kefir please visit – The Kefir!







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