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Paleo Shopping List

Paleo Shopping List

Exactly which items do and do not fit into the Paleo shopping list is not always an easy answer to follow. In it’s purest form, the theory of the Paleo diet states that if your ancestors didn’t eat it – you shoudn’t either.

Our Paleo diet shopping list represents the strict application of the theory. On the other hand, some foods that our ancestors didn’t are known to be very nutritious. For exapmle – beans are a great source of numerous nutritients and diary products can be a great source of calcium and protein.

Some experts urge that a slightly less strict, slightly more modest form of the paleo diet should be followed for optimal health. It is up to you to choose first if you should – and then, ofcourse, how to – implement the paleo diet in your own life.

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Paleo shopping list

In order to avoid too much talking about things with which you’re probably already familiar let me draw your attention to our carefully maintained paleo shopping list, to which we are particularly proud of.

We regularly update this Paleo shopping list in order to provide you with new products (which of course can be ordered directly from our site).

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