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Paleo Breakfast Ideas – Paleo diet food list

Paleo Breakfast Ideas – Paleo diet food list

Paleo diet food list Breakfast Ideas

It is important to start each day with quality (and delicious) breakfast! Here are some paleo breakfast ideas that we have to share with you. Enjoy!

  • Eggs, bacon and fried tomatoes (or raw carrots)
  • Pork chop/chicken breast and whole, raw carrots
  • Carrot salad with grated apple and meat leftovers
  • Beef tomato stew over steamed broccoli
  • An additional morning snack is the Paleo Punch (smoothie): frozen berries thawed in microwave, put in blender with a little water or orange (juice) and puré until smooth. Eat with a teaspoon or drink it depending on texture.
  • Can of tuna with mayonnaise and lemon (tastes good with orange juice, just don’t overdo the orange juice)

Paleo Diet Food List (PDF)
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  1. Hello,

    what do you think, can i mix those fruits with kefir?

    can kefir be used as paleo diet drink?

    tnx for your reply

  2. …..the recipe sounds tasty (and even simple enough for a novice cook like myself ! I got most of the ingriedients in the cupboard so im going to start now. Thanks loads!…..P.S I have bookmarked this site, I will be back for more brill ideas

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