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Lifestyle Design and Paleo

Lifestyle Design and Paleo

In short, you have probably eaten a Paleo meal in some point or time in your life.

For example, have you ever had an Egg Omelet for breakfast? Then you had a Paleo breakfast.

Have you ever had a salad with chicken on it and no high fructose corn syrup infested salad dressing (which about every salad dressing is), then you probably ate Paleo. Have you ever had a dinner consisting of salmon and vegetables? Then you ate Paleo.

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Paleo nutrition is not some “fad” diet, it is a lifestyle change. It is designing your lifestyle to Paleo nutrition to achieve your goals of lifestyle design. Whether it is to lose weight and have more energy to climb the tallest mountains in the world or just to feel more vibrant and clearheaded.

Eating paleo is a essential part of your lifestyle design!

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  1. I for one can confirm this lifestyle. It has been 12 weeks of full blown Paleo and I have gone from a 230lb. frame to 199lbs. I have more energy and my joints have stopped aching, as well as the occasional heartburn. I look forward to seeing better health and blowing my doctoer away when my annual phys is due.

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